10 Summer Makeup Problems Every Girl Faces


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You think summer is gonna be all happy and fun and easy- NO. We all know  summer makeup problems are inescapable! Let me remind you again that most of us reside in Lahore and there is no such thing as an easy summer. Your makeup and your face is a joke- which is why weddings don’t happen in summers, colleges close in summer… yes, things do not sound good. And, while we’re almost done throwing panic at you, let us also remind you that February is gone now and it’s time for all hell to break loose. Nope, summer is definitely not going to be as fun as it is for white girls…

Keeping all that in mind, we’re gonna list down summer makeup problems all girls face. The best way to start summer is to know and be ready for all the disasters that may come your way 😀
So here we go:

1. Lipsticks melting

Seeing our expensive (or cheap but amazing) lipsticks melting, completely changing their precise shapes to mushy, slimy paste… Don’t we all just hate the sight of this? I KNOW I DO. 

2. Shiny foreheads

This hits home, especially for oily/combination skin girls whose foreheads manage to shine like energy savers 24/7. It feels as if all the shine and grease in the world came to your forehead and took shelter on it. So you wash your face, 5 minutes later… SAME STORY.


3. Makeup melting in your bag

THIS. IS. SAVAGE. I may wish a hater a bad hair cut, but I’ll have the sanity and humanity to never wish them this because you lose TWO PERFECT, SACRED things in this process: very valuable makeup and a precious bag. This makes you wanna slap summer in the face, except, you can’t… </3 BAGS SHOULD COME WITH IN-BUILT FREEZERS!


4. Makeup melting on your face

Summer’s the perfect season to hold circus auditions… every girl in the line is gonna be one of a kind. But honestly, you can’t help looking like a hot mess. Summer ain’t kind to nobody.


5. Not willing to step outdoors

Well, this is mainly to avoid the situation above and also to avoid a tan if you’re already tan. But, I would take this moment to tell all those people throwing outdoor summer birthday parties and brunches one thing: Y’ALL ARE MONSTERS!!!

And, when you do…

6. Glasses ruining foundation on the nose

All I want to say is that the picture below is self-explanatory. IT’S A STRUGGLE.


7. Taking off extremely stubborn waterproof makeup

Scrub and scrub and scrub… because if you’ve managed to purchase waterproof makeup, it’s gonna take heck a lot of time and effort and pain and scrubbing to come off. My face stretches to all sorts of impossible angles and I get to see how scary I have the potential to be.


8. Wiping off eyeliner, eyebrow pencil 

Me sitting in class: just gonna wipe some sweat off my forehead.



9. Buying stacks of blotting paper

If you don’t want to look like Dwayne, THE ROCK, Johnnson’s oiled abs, you gotta do this. Blot paper the hell out of that sweat, oil and grease right away or else… REGRET.


10. Sweat and makeup mixing and irritating

People with sensitive skin know where I’m coming from. It’s just that mixture of sun, makeup and sweat that just lights a stove right on the top of your face. PAINFUL. IRRITATING. TEARS.12-300x176_22
So here you go girls, just a reminder of how terrible the summer is going to be for all of us makeup lovers. But don’t give up, be optimistic because at least your skin won’t dry as much? 😀 Hahaha! We hope you liked reading about summer makeup problems that girls face. We’ll be back with more so stay hooked to Beauty Hooked! <3

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