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TREND ALERT:Double Flicked Eyeliner


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The upcoming fall season is all about graphic eyeliner looks. We are tired of the traditional winged liner already….So its time to try something new!

Here is how you can ace the double flicked eyeliner look step by step:


Using a precise angled brush, line your upper lashline with a gel formula eyeliner. Make sure you start right in the inner corner of the eye.


Using an eyeliner brush, line the lower lashline with gel liner and join the lines at the inner corner of the eye around the tear duct. Don’t join the lines at the outer corners.


Draw parallel lines outwards from the lashline creating slightly upturned flicks ending diagonally beneath the end of your eyebrows.


Clean in between the double flicks with an ultra-fine cotton bud  soaked in a light liquid cleanser  and draw between the lines with a nude eye pencil or white.


Apply the nude eye pencil along the waterlines on the lower eyelid to enhance the black liner.


Thickly coat you top and bottom lashes with mascara for a 60s effect.

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So here is our Pro on Board, Neya Wes to teach you how to do a double flicked eyeliner look step by step:

Watch the video to learn!







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