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Acne Solution: 3 Miracle Ingredients for Acne Prone Skin


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In a world full of acne skincare products, which one would you buy? We understand your confusion so here we are with our Top 3 ingredients guaranteed to cure your acne! So cry no more girl, just look for these ingredients on the back of your products.

1.Marine algae

LOreal Pure Clay Marine Algae Mask - Anti-Blemish, Blue

Source: Micro and macro algae are Found in  the cell walls of seaweeds

What they do: 

  • Ability to instantly hydrate and condition the skin.
  • Algae is an antioxidant, meaning it protects your skin from free radicals that cause premature aging.
  • Ideal for spots/blemish prone skin
  • Unclogs blackheads and leaves the skin pure and fresh without drying it out.

Product Recommendations:

Loreal Pure Clay Marine Algae Mask – Anti-Blemish, Blue for Rs1,299(Click HERE to Shop)


2.Calcium Bentonite Clay


Source: It is made from volcanic ash.


What it Does:

  • helps reduce the appearance of scars by removing the scar tissues.
  • helps to remove toxins from your pores,
  • allows skin to heal
  • reduces inflammation. 
  • helps in the lightening of acne marks

Product Recommendations:

Indian Aztec Healing Clay for Rs2,400(Click HERE to Shop)


3.Thymo-T Essence


Source:Extracted from the herb Thyme

Ponds Pimple Clear Face Wash

What it does:

  • eliminate acne at the root
  • Removes excess oil
  • helps clear impurities from your skin’s surface.
  • anti-inflammatory properties

Product Recommendations:

Ponds Pimple Clear Face Wash for Rs140(Click HERE to Shop)





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