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4 Reasons why BB Cream are worth buying?


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Hi makeup junkies, Are you confused whether you should buy foundation or BB cream? Or do you think they are the same? There must be a lot of confusions arising in your mind. We are here today to tell you what a BB Cream is and what are its benefits?


What is BB Cream?

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BB cream stands for Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm. BB cream is a product that has many benefits, all in a single product. Its a multi functional product that has makeup benefits as well as skincare benefits. If you get to know what BB creams offer; you probably won’t look back and this product will save your money. You will not have to buy products separately.


Benefits of BB cream 


BB cream will conceal your imperfections

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With BB creams you won’t have to buy concealer as it will conceal your dark circles and uneven skin tone. Secondly, it will also cover your discoloration on your face and the redness you may have. However the coverage maybe be light to medium.

BB cream will act as a primer

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Is your primer finished? Don’t worry BB cream will be your savior for a while as it will blur out the fine lines you may have and minimize your pores.

BB cream will act as moisturizer

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Do you have to apply moisturizer before applying foundation? Not anymore. BB cream has moisturizing properties that will keep your face and makeup hydrated for a longer period of time. It will work best for those who have dry skin as it has properties like hyaluronic acid and glycerin that are beneficial for your skin. 


Will protect your skin from sun damage


Image result for bb cream girl applying sunscreenIt has spf properties that will give you the same benefits as a sunblock . When you step out, you won’t have to worry that you aren’t wearing sunblock as it gives you protection from the UV rays.


Therefore, here are some BB creams you should try:

  • If you are fearing you have pimples and your skin may grease out when you apply any foundation. The This BB cream is a product you need to try. It has Tea Tree properties that will be great for girls who have acne.

          Beauty Hooked recommends : The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless Bb Cream (Click HERE to purchase)

  • If you want a BB cream that evens out your complexion while improving skin texture.

          We recommend you: Karin Herzog Peau De Bb Cream With Marshmallow Absolute Medium (Click HERE to              purchase)

  • Applying suncreen everyday ? Isn’t that better you get all in one. Looking for BB cream with all benefits and with spf properties?

         We recommend you: Mac Prep+Prime Bb Cream SPF 35 Medium (Click HERE to purchase)

  • Searching for products that has vitamin E effects and moisturizing effects? Vitamin E will help hydrate and moisturize your skin. It helps to soften the skin as well.

          So with these benefits we recommend you: The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BB Cream (Click HERE to        purchase)

Now you know the amazing benefits of BB cream, you can should definitely try them out if you haven’t. BB creams must be a staple item  in your makeup vanity. Have you tried BB creams before? Let us know in the comments below  about what your personal experiences with BB creams.

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