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A Personal Beauty Consultant- Really?


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Not everyone is a beauty or makeup expert, and you are not even expected to be! We know that figuring out the best for yourselves in beauty can be a little overwhelming, but who doesn’t want to look like the most well groomed versions of themselves and know the techniques to do so? Who doesnt want to know the products-out of the hundreds that are available in the market- that would suit them the best? Who would want to waste money buying products that just dont suit them (especially foundations which are so hard to match to get that flawless look!). All this is difficult at times even for professionals who know MAKEUP, so we can imagine how totally overwhelmed a beginner would feel when they see other girls around them whose beauty game is so on point, AND they see extravagant makeup counters with shiny products calling out to them like they were meant for each other.  Which is why Beauty Hooked wanted to help make life easier for anyone looking to step up their beauty game on a budget! We will now be offering you the services of a Beauty Consultant – and that deserves a huge round of APPLAUSE! 



So what is a Beauty Consultant? A Beauty Consultant is your personal beauty advisor who will sit with you, answer all the beauty related questions you have, let you know about you skin tone, skin type, the best skin care routine for you, the best hair care routine for you, the best colors that would suit your complexion and personality, the best products available in the market for you that are within your budget and also go makeup shopping with you if you like so you can get your best product fit.  Our Beauty Consultants’ sole purpose is to guide you with beauty information and techniques, customized just for you, that help you look like the most glamorous version of yourselves! Although, the concept of a Beauty Consultant exists in the West, we are now bringing it for you to Pakistan, and here is what you get……


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A personal one-on-one, and detailed meet & greet with OUR Beauty Consultant who will give you:

  • an complete analysis of your skin, hair and nails and their needs
  • guide you on the type of skin care and hair care routine that you should follow
  • basic self grooming techniques customized for you
  • Basic makeup techniques customized for you
  • recommend makeup and skin care products 
  • all the time in the world


Exciting, isn’t it?

There are UNBELIEVABLY NOMINAL charges for this services. Because it’s not about profit-making, we want our clients experience to be top-notch, feel our passion for beauty, make them look beautiful, and most of all, LEAVE WITH A HUGE  SMILE!

So, call on +92 336 3232889 for details and to book a Beauty Consultant today!

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