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Beauty Hooked’s BTS Photo Shoot Playlist!


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At Beauty Hooked, we’re constantly attending photo shoots, the most recent to date being Hina Shah’s Bridal photoshoot, where she revealed three of her glam looks based on upcoming spring beauty trends. And, through Beauty Hooked, she’ll be revealing them very soon… so make sure you stay hooked to Beauty Hooked! (If you aren’t already, because we’re that awesome, hehe) 

The glitz and glamour of these oh-so-amazing photo shoots are all good, but there is always one thing missing, the ultimate playlist to give those perfect photoshoot vibes…

Don’t worry, what else is Team Beauty Hooked here for? We’ve compiled the ultimate Photoshoot playlist to jam to! (OH, and if you haven’t already, then Click here to read Beauty Hooked’s Beauty Playlist)


1. Prepping the Models Skin 

To begin the photo shoot, the model’s skin needs to be prepped… yes, we’re on about CTM.

Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise, why not strike a pose while doing it! 



2. Preparing the Base 

The next step is preparing the base of the model’s face. 

Which includes applying the primer, foundation, color corrector, and concealer!

And, the photo shoot party starts here… 




3. Eye Makeup 

Firstly, a major throwback to this song…

However, the next step is perfecting your eye game, with Leighton Meester’s voice, the awesome beat of this song, and of course loads of eyeshadow blending involved. 

May the wings of your eyeliner be even, always…



4. Contouring 

To add some Desi vibes to the photo shoot, this Bollywood Remix of Justin Bieber’s Sorry is awesome… 

The next step which is contouring will become extra lit!  



5. Lips 

At Beauty Hooked, we adore Meghan Trainor!

And, we’re certain this song will get everyone’s lips moving…

Even the model, who’s next step would be to get her lip makeup done. 



6. Blush 

You may not be living the lush life, but you’ll definitely be living the blush life!

And for the next step, the Blush life, for sure, will be giving you a rush…



7. Mini Food Break 

Of course, every photo shoot requires a mini food break, so all the awesome people Behind The Scenes and the models can regenerate some energy through pizza. 



8. Hair 

Gladly, there’ll be no guy that you’ll need to get out of your hair during the shoot… (we can’t guarantee the photographer) 

However, for this step all you’ll need to ensure is that your hair game is strong! 




9. Clothes 

The next step, which involves the clothes, are definitely going to be lit, and the model too now!(with perfected makeup and hair) 

The party will no doubt continue, with the real photo shoot vibes… 




10. Accessories 

The bad ass outfit, hair, and makeup would require one last thing…

Of course, a bad ass song such as the remix of Badshah’s Bandook to jam too, but it would also require some bad ass accessories to complete the overall look! 



11. Photography

The moment of glory at the end, which the whole BTS team waits for…

The gorgeous completed look of the model, the breath-taking backdrop, and the perfect lighting, so some awesome shots can be taken. 

And, the camera’s certainly Click Flash. 



Comment below and let us know which song is YOUR favourite? 



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