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Maybelline New York is a major American cosmetics company and one of the world’s best-known makeup brands. It is widely available, affordable and the quality of its products is amazing! Maybelline New York produces several products including lipsticks, lipglosses, mascaras, blushes, eyeshadows, eyeliner and the list goes on… 

At Beauty Hooked we’re going to countdown to some of the best Maybelline products in our opinion, which are of course Beauty Hooked approved. 



10. Maybelline New York – Colour Show Nail Polish


Price: RS. 350 

The formula of this nail polish is amazing, it does not take too long to apply or dry. The shade that we particularly love is ‘015 – Nude Skin’. It is a nice nude color which is perfect for daily wear. maybelline-color-show-nail-color-nudeskin-015-6ml

9. Maybelline New York – Dream Matte Mousse.

Price: RS. 1,449

This foundation’s formula is very light and fluffy, it is a dream to apply onto your skin. The coverage is minimal to normal and it is a perfect daily wear foundation. It has SPF 15 and guarantees a lightweight feel. 



8. Maybelline New York – Dream Mousse Blush

Price: RS.1200

This blush instantly adds color to your face, the formula is absolutely a dream. We particularly love this blush in the shade ’40-Soft Plum’. It is a nice plum toned pinky shade which can just about compliment any skin tone. 




7. Maybelline New York – Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser.

Price: RS. 850

This primer works wonder on your skin, it makes your skin really smooth and ensures your makeup lasts the whole day. 




6. Maybelline New York – The falsies push up drama Mascara

Price: RS. 1,435

This mascara is ideal for those fanned out, huge lashes that almost makes it look like you are wearing fake eyelashes, the plus point? You don’t even need to go near your fake lashes. 




5. Maybelline New York – Lash Sensational Mascara.

Price: RS. 1,575

This mascara is perfect for daily wear, it lengthens your lashes and gives them extra volume. 






4. Maybelline New York – Color Sensational lipstick

Price: RS. 1,148

Maybelline’s Color Sensational lipsticks are ultra-affordable and their formula is lustrous. We particularly love this lipstick in the shade ‘695 – Divine Wine’, it is the perfect red for winter.





3. Maybelline New York – The Nudes eyeshadow palette

Price: RS. 2,800

This eyeshadow palette is our daily go-to palette, the shades are all neutral shades which are wearable to work. There are also a few shimmery shades in this palette if you need to add a little spark to your daily makeup routine. 




2. Maybelline New York – Instant Anti-Age eye treatment & concealer 

Price: RS. 1,349

This concealer is amazing to hide your dark under eye circles or conceal announced spots on your face. It comes in three different shades and is suitable for most skin tones.






1.  Maybelline New York – Master Ink Matte Eyeliner

Price: RS. 1,399

It does not cost an arm and a leg to get a liner that slays. This eyeliner is our favorite Maybelline New York product, that we would purchase again and again. It gives a sleek matte finish to your eyelids and the pigmentation is beautiful.  





Comment below and let us know which Maybelline New York Product is your favourite. 

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