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Eyes without fake eyelashes are seriously like cake without frosting… especially if you’re wearing dramatic eyeshadow! Sometimes your mascara isn’t enough for those volumizing, dramatic and lengthy eyelash effect that you desire. 

Seriously we’re ever so thankful for the creator of fake eyelashes! Our makeup looks just aren’t complete without fake eyelashes. And in today’s world, there are just several options to choose from…

At Beauty Hooked, we’ve compiled with the ultimate guide to fake eye-lashes! We’ve put together a list of the best of the best fake eyelashes that are available locally and inter-LASH-ionally. 



Which Eyelashes are Best-Suited for My Eye Shape?



Almond Eyes – To check if you have almond eyes, look straight in the mirror, and if your irises disappear into your upper and lower lids, then it means you have almond eyes.

So, go for false lashes which are evenly distributed.


Deep-set eyes – If you have a prominent brow bone, your eyes are set deeper into your head.

So, go for false lashes which are longer in length at the center of the lash, are the best ones for your eye shape.


Downturned eyes – If the outer corners of your eyes are drawing downwards, then that means you have downturned eyes.

So, go for false lashes that are shorter along its length but longer in the outer corners. They will instantly lift your eyes, giving them the illusion of appearing bigger.


Hooded eyes – If the crease on your eyelid isn’t visible, then you have hooded eyes.

So, go for false lashes that are thin and are short in length.


Prominent eyes –  If you have prominent eyes with the top of your eyelids popping out in the eye socket area, you have to balance your top lashes with the false lashes.

So, go for false lashes that are shorter in the inner corner and longer from the mid to the other end. 


How to Apply Fake Eyelashes?


Applying fake eyelashes is not that difficult a task, trust us!

You just need a little bit of determination and motivation, and of course some fake lashes and glue.

We have the ultimate guide to applying fake eyelashes, so click here to read. 


Inter-LASH-ional Brands

These fake-lashes have caused havoc upon the world, with everyone dying to get their hands on some of these lashes.

1. Huda Beauty Lashes

Purchase them here! 


2. Lilly Lashes by Ghalichi Glam 

Purchase them here! 


3. Eyelure London Lashes

Purchase them here! 


4. MAC Lashes 

Purchase them here! 

5. Make Up For Ever Lashes

Purchase them here! 

6. House of Lashes 

Purchase them here! 

7. NYX Cosmetics Wicked Lashes 

Purchase them here! 


Locally Available Eyelash Brands 

The lashes mentioned here, are EASILY available in Pakistan and the best part?

They’re not even that expensive and they are of super high-quality!

Our personal favorites from this list are:

  • Zhoosh Lashes
  • Ardell


1. Zhoosh Premium Mink Lashes

We were lucky enough to attend the launch of Zhoosh Lashes. Click here to read our full article on the experience and how we feel about the lashes. 

Price: Rs. 1,950/

Purchase them here!




2. Co-Natural Lashes 

Click here to read our full article on the experience and how we feel about the lashes. 

Price: RS.850/

Purchase them here!





3. Layesha

Price: Rs. 1,250/ – Rs. 1,800/

Purchase them here!





4. Samah.M Beauty Lashes 

Price:  Rs. 1,499/

Purchase them here!




5. Ardell Lashes 

Price: Rs. 799/

Purchase them here!




6. Artmatic Lashes 

Price: Rs.125/

Purchase them here!




7. Stage Line Lashes 

Price: Rs. 500/

Purchase them here!




8. Revlon Lashes 

Price: Rs. 255/ 

Purchase at Al-Fatah Defence! 




9. Cleopatra Lashes 

Price: Rs. 195/

Purchase at Al-Fatah Defence!




Eyelash Hacks 

Here is an awesome video showing some of the best fake eyelash hacks!

It has been shared by YouTuber & Beauty Blogger ‘Tina Yong’.

Follow her on her YouTube Channel here




Want our experts to help you with any other product or beauty information under the sun? Ask us in the comments below!

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