Beauty Hooked’s Guide to Fragrances: Winter Edition


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Winter is officially here! (Yes we’ve been repeating that way too much, apologies) 

We’re moving towards the last month of the year… December, and on that note let us also add the fact that 2017 is almost about to end. (Where did the time go!?)

You may have some weddings or parties to attend or need to purchase a gift for someone… but not sure which fragrances to invest in? (even if you have nowhere to go you can still read on how to smell amazing!)

At Beauty Hooked, we have some fragrance suggestions for you! Whether you are budgeting and can only spend a little, or you are willing to splurge, we’ve got a variety of perfumes… so enjoy reading. 


Burberry – London

Price: RS: 3,900/ Al-Fatah 

It truly captures the scent of London in a single bottle. And the price tag is just a plus point. 


La Rive – Madame Isabelle

Price: RS.2,400/ Al-Fatah 

A light and fresh fragrance.


Paco Rabanne – Lady Million

Price: RS.6,500/ Al-Fatah 

This fragrance was an absolute hit when it launched, to this date it is still considered a popular choice amongst females. 


Burberry – My Burberry 

Price: RS.6,700/ Al-Fatah

My Burberry truly captures the iconic scent of Burberry in a perfume. 


Hugo Boss – XX

Price: RS. 3,800/ Al-Fatah 

Hugo Boss ‘XX’ brings gourmand fruity notes to the fragrance. It is quite a unique scent. 



Estee Lauder – Modern Muse (Le Rouge)

Price: RS. 7,700/ Al-Fatah

“Who is Modern Muse Le Rouge? She’s the captivating woman who makes a bold, colorful statement without saying a word. Her mantra is never go unnoticed. Daring, fearless, and seductive. When she wants to make a show-stopping impression, she wears the ultimate red—Le Rouge.” ( fragrance is the ideal scent for weddings, it has the perfect balance between floral and fruity. 


La Rive – In Woman

Price: RS. 2,300/ Al-Fatah

In Woman is a fresh and light fragrance which is perfect for the day. 



Marc Jacobs – Decadence

Price: RS. 8,500/ Al-Fatah

Marc Jacobs has truly outdone himself while producing this particular fragrance. It is a bit pricier than the other fragrances but it is definitely worth the buy. It has a rich and elegant scent and you’ll definitely give off sophisticated vibes while wearing this perfume. At Beauty Hooked, it would definitely come in our top ten fragrances and it is the ideal winter scent. 


Yves Saint Laurent – Black Opium 

Price: RS.10,500/ Al-Fatah

YSL’s fragrances have always had the hint of subtle feminity in them. Black Opium is a revival of the original Opium with a womanly twist to the original fragrance. 




Elizabeth Arden – Sunflowers 

Price: RS.2000/ Al-Fatah 

For the Bright, Light-hearted & Happy! 



Guess – Pink

Price: RS. 2000/ Al-Fatah

A refreshing fruity fragrance with a clean and crisp scent. 



Issey Miyake – L’eau D’issey 

Price: RS. 5,750/ Al-Fatah

Issey Miyake’s inspiration was water and this fragrance is considered as the scent of water on a women’s skin. It is a classic perfume in the world of fragrances, with hints of wood and floral scents this is definitely a must-have fragrance for all women! 


Calvin Klein – Obsession 

Price: RS.2,900/ Al-Fatah

Calvin Klein Obsession is more of an oriental scented fragrance and is one of the oldest selling fragrances. It has been around since 1985 and is still considered a classic fragrance. 


Versace – Vanitas 

Price: RS.5,000/ Al-Fatah 

Versace Vanitas can be considered as an elegant and timeless classic fragrance, it has slightly floral and citrus notes. 






Disclaimer: Al-Fatah’s prices are subject to change, every 3-4 days, that is their policy and the prices stated may rise or fall depending on the departmental store itself. 


Comment below and let us know which perfumes are your favourite! 

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