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Like manicures, Pedicures are famously known to obtain those pretty feet you see all over Instagram. For those of you that don’t know, all pedicures consist of the same basic steps and require no knowledge or rocket science! What separates a good pedicure from a great one is just the expertise in the techniques used, and keeping the steps and the quality of products on point. 

The pedicure process itself is divided into several steps in order to achieve different effects on our feet such as whitening, deep hydration, pigmentation reduction etc. With the help of grooming expert Samia Amer from Samia Amer’s Salon, Beauty Hooked brings you the Ultimate Guide to pedicures.

Types of Pedicures:

  • A Simple Pedicure –  Is best for cleansing and grooming purposes.
  • An Essie Pedicure – It best used for deep moisturizing and hydration of the feet. It is also ideal for the winter time. It is called an ‘Essie Pedicure’ because it uses Essie products and nails colors at the end.
  • A BCL Pedicure –  Is best used for feet with dark knuckles and dark patches. However, it does require a longer scrubbing time than the rest of the pedicures. It is called a ‘BCL Pedicure’ because it uses BCL products.
  •  An OPI Pedicure –  Is best used for feet with cracked and over-dried skin. This type of pedicure includes usage of beauty oils as well. It is called an ‘OPI Pedicure’ because it uses OPI products during the Pedicure process and the nail polish application. 


The Pedicure begins with washing your feet, patting them dry and removing any nail polish. 

Step 1: Polisher – Apply the Polisher, which is basically a combination of accelerator and bleach cream in quantities according to the client. It helps to brighten and lighten the skin. 

Step 2: Soak –  Add a soaking product in lukewarm water. Mix it and then dip your feet in the mixture for around 15 minutes. This mixture is packed with nutrients, and soaking your feet in it soothes and hydrates the skin, leaving your feet looking softer and more youthful. 

Step 3: Scrub – Take a Pedicure Scrub and gently exfoliate your feet to get rid of any dead skin. The scrub should leave you with smooth and glowing feet. 

Step 4: – Wash off any leftover residue from your feet.

Step 5: Pat your feet dry using a clean towel.

Step 6: Cuticle Cream – Apply cuticle exfoliating cream and gently massage your nails and skin around the nails. This will most definitely soften the skin around your nails and the cuticle. 

Step 7: Cuticle Pusher – Push your cuticle’s back using a cuticle pusher.

Step 8: Brush – Gently scrub your feet and nails using feet brush for around 5 minutes.

Step 9: Cuticle Remover – Remove your cuticle’s using a cuticle remover.

Step 10: Cuticle Cutter – Cut your hard cuticle with a cuticle remover, which was very difficult to remove.

Step 11: File – File your nails to your desired nail shape. 

Step 12: Buff – Buff your nails with a simple nail buffer. This helps smoothen any ridges on the nails and ensures smooth nail polish application.

Step 13: Massage – Massage your feet for no less than 15 minutes. (At Samia Amer’s Salon, they also use special techniques using pressure points to relax the feet and legs.)

Step 14: Mask – Apply soothing feet mask.

Step 15: Hot Towel Wrap – Wrap a towel around your feet after applying the mask to let your feet deeply absorb the substance for around 15 minutes. Then remove the towel, wash your feet from any leftover residue and pat your feet dry with a towel at the end. 

Step 16: Cuticle Oil – Apply the cuticle moisturizing oil and FINALLY, get your desired nail polish applied. 

TA-DAH! Happy & Healthy Looking Feet 

We hope this Pedicure guide was informative. We’ve also included a video tutorial on the Pedicure process, as well. 

So, don’t worry about getting the perfect pedicure, we’ve got you sorted. We tried, tested & loved this service at Samia Amer’s Beauty Salon

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