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Beauty Products Within Rs. 600!


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If you’ve been told by someone, that the only way to enhance your existing beauty, is through expensive, high-end, beauty products… then you’ve been fed a lie! 

Not all High-end products are great, having said that, not all Low-end products are terrible either… 

There are some Low-end products that are actually amazing and the best part? They’re inexpensive too! Our awesome Pro-on-board Ayesha shared some of these awesome products that are locally available and are all within Rs. 600! 

And, of course at Beauty Hooked, we’re sharing them with you. 




1. Primer:

Kiss Beauty Prime & Fine

Price: Rs. 375


2. Foundation

Rivaj UK 

Price: Rs. 395


3. Concealer

LA Girl Cosmetics Pro HD 

Price: Rs. 550


4. Setting Powder

Christine Cosmetics 

Price: Rs. 320


5. Eyebrows

LA Colours 


6. Eyebrow Gel 

Essence Cosmetics 

Price: Rs. 470


7. Eyeliner


Price: Rs. 350


8. Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution Chocolate Deluxe 

Price: Rs. 400


9. Eyeshadow Single 

Sweet Touch London 

Price: Rs. 400


10. Mascara 

Essence I love Extreme!

Price: Rs. 430


11. Kajal

Sweet Touch

Price: Rs. 390 


12. Contour Kit

Christine Cosmetics

Price: Rs. 390


13. Blush 


Price: Rs. 280


14. Highlighter

Seven Cool Glam All Day

Price: Rs. 250


15. Lip Liner

Sweet Touch

Price: Rs. 150


16. Lipstick 

Medora Cosmetics – Peach Silk

Price: Rs. 130 


Here is the full video of the tutorial our awesome Pro-on-board Ayesha Naveed attempted on herself, only using the products from the list above!

Go follow this awesome gal on her YouTube channel here!

AND, click to watch the tutorial below… 


Comment below and let us know a product which is within Rs. 600, that YOU love! 



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