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Best Products For A Glamorous Night Out!


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Our makeup collection is flooded with beauty products from high-end to celebrity endorsed brands to drugstore products. So, it is difficult to decide what products are essential to keep in our sparkly clutches. Below are few of the best products which would help you create a glamorous look for your next night out!






Primer is a must for any makeup look, if you want to make it last all night. Face primers will basically help in smoothing skin tone and locking in the foundation. Whereas, eye primers will keep the eyeshadow from creasing.


Touch of Glitter Eye shadow




For a night out with friends or family, get in some festive mood and add some shine to your lids with a neutral shade. Or add more color for higher pigmentation and a more glammed up look.


Brighten your look with highlighters




Highlighters aid in accentuating and giving your features more definition. Therefore, you need to highlight your cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow and dab a little on the bridge of your nose. 


Choose a Bold Lip color

It’s night time, so do not feel shy to try those bold red lips. As they not only make your look more classy, but also gives you a more dramatic and glamorous appearance. In addition, go for a matte lip color as it has a quick drying formula compared to gloss lip shades, and gives you entire look a neat finish.





Anti-Frizz Serum

During the humid nights, a hair serum is a savior. It is an anti-frizz agent which keeps the hair shining all night long and reduces the rough texture, which some people get.




Blotting sheets

To remove excessive layers of powder or smudged makeup, it is a must to have these blotting sheets. They help blot away the excess oil on your face and gives you an added glow!




Smoky Eye

Oh yes, we love the kohl gunmetal eyes. But this time add some gold eye shadow for a more eccentric look. You should totally try out this, and experiment for your night out.


So, this is it from our side. Comment below and let us know what you think are Night Out Beauty Essentials! We’d love to hear from you. 

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