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The Big Reveal- Beauty Secrets Shared by Celebrities!


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You all wonder what celebrities use to maintain a flawless skin, hair and makeup, so Beauty Hooked brings you what you deserve to know! Sharing some of the top beauty secrets of your favorite actresses!


The Rs. 2,670/- Tint Urwa Hocane Buys in Bulk



Who isn’t a fan of Urwa Hocane’s uber natural rosey looks! But rumor has it that the secret behind her rosy cheaks and sexy flush is way more than god given…its Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics.

Known to be a recent celebrity favorite, Here is why the Beauty Hooked Product experts believe that this lip and cheek tint is most purchased product of 2018:

  • Looks Sheer & sexy on all complexions
    Gives an innocent yet provocative look
  • Has ultra long-lasting wear
  • Gives the sexiest flush ever!
  • It is kiss-proof
  • Its formulation gives the perfect See-through color for lips & cheeks.

The Beauty Hooked Makeup Experts, believe that the best way to rock a natural, everyday rosy look like Urwa does is simple: top a BB Cream base with this tint on the apples of cheeks and lips. Follow it up with a swipe of mascara and you are good to go! Nothing else required.

For a Perfect Tint Beauty Hooked Recommends:
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Benefit Benetint Full Sized for Rs. 7,170 (Click HERE to Shop)
Mana Rose Magic Cheek and Lip Tint (Rs. 1,350/-) (Click HERE to Shop) 


Mahira Khan proves that you can wear Red Lipstick without looking Slutty


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Not too many people know but this celebrity is super sly when it comes to creating her vibe.
According to our beauty experts, The secret behind Mahira’s Pouty Lips lies in her clever selection of lip color specifically using a BLUE TONED lipstick that makes her skin and teeth Look Whiter, Brighter, and More Fabulous. The red lip color with blue under tones cancels out any yellowness and accentuates her smile making her look way more sexy and attractive!

According to our Makeup Experts to get the perfect red pout:

1) Exfoliate your lips. Dry, dead skin is often what makes your lipstick look rough and uneven.

2) Put a light lip balm or moisturizer on damp lips.

3) Use lip liner to get the perfect shape

4) Apply your lipstick using a lip brush for precise application

5) Place a thin tissue on the lips and set with loose powder

For Mahira’s a Perfect Red Pout Beauty Hooked Recommends:
Mac Ruby Woo for Rs. 2,495/- (Click HERE to Shop) 
Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick- Propaganda Matte for Rs. 650/-(Click HERE to Shop) 
Diana of London Super Matte lipstick for Rs. 850/-(Click HERE to Shop) 


Nadia Hussain’s Secret to Diamond Hair



So we recently got into Nadia Hussain’s secret for her luscious locks and you wouldn’t believe that that this fashionista’s hair care regime is a simple kitchen item that costs no more than Rs. 900/- at best!

In her recent interview on one of the morning shows Nadia claims that the main reason for her beautiful hair is a mix of 3 oils: Coconut Oil + Castor Oil + Mustard Oil

According to Beauty Hooked’s Hair Care Experts, coconut oil is one of the best oils for hair because it stimulates hair growth, fights dandruff, and adds luster & shine . Castor Oil increases hair thickness, strengthens the roots and prevents hair fall. Mustard Oil has antibacterial and anti fungal properties that prevent hair loss and ensure healthy hair growth.

Beauty Hooked Recommends the following oils Tested and Approved for purity:

Gonatural Coconut Oil for Rs. 190/-(Click HERE to Shop)
Botanical Wonders Castor Oil for Rs. 400/-(Click HERE to Shop)
Gonatural Mustard Oil for Rs. 160/- (Click HERE to Shop)

Any other Secret reveals in your mind? Let us know!




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*Disclaimer: All articles published on Beauty Hooked are based on heavy and thorough research by our beauty consultants, makeup artist and experts.  All products recommended have been tried and tested by us personally and only then recommended to you. All these products, at the prices presented, are as of the publication date of the article. Prices presented in the article may vary across retailers in Pakistan depending on the retailer’s margin.”



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