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Bun Hairstyles That Are SO Easy


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Since, summer is finally here, we couldn’t help, but finding out bun hairstyles to wear! Usually a plain, old bun would suffice on a hot summer day but, we wanted to bring out some excitement to your hairstyles, ladies! This is why we have some amazing bun hairstyles for you to copy so that summer doesn’t mess with you!

Most of us have long hair and the thought of wearing our hair down and that sweat slowly creeping down the back of our necks is what we hate! Fringes can become a big no-no especially, if you have curly hair and you live with straighteners. So, leave out the straighteners and be good to yourself by tying your hair up in amazing ways! You’ll amaze people, we promise!



First up we have this so so so easy twisted bun! How easier can this get really? Just divide your hair in two, tie it and start twisting it round. Secure the roll with pins and voila!





Another cute and easy hairstyle for all those lazy girls out there! Twist your hair and tie it as shown in the first picture. Then do a normal braid. Take the braid and invert it into the opening between the twists. Secure with pins and there you go! Another really simple, but good looking bun!






This one looks so difficult when you look at the finished bun, but really, it’s quite easy! All you have to do is part your hair into 3 and make 3 separate braids out of them as shown in the picture. Once you’re done doing that, take all parts and braid them into one! Secure the braid with a band and proceed to roll your hair into a bun. There you have it! A very easy braid bun, that’s just fabulous for less casual events!




Here it is! Bun hairstyles done in 3 different, but amazing ways! Try these out in your spare time and we’re sure you’ll absolutely love them! Comment below and let us know which one you liked the best! ♥

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