The Busy Girl’s Guide to Perfect Skin


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We all desire healthy-looking, glowing skin, yet we’re too lazy to put in the extra effort (guilty as charged). So we bring you a Busy Girls Guide to the perfect skin by our Beauty Hooked Approved MUA, Maimoona Saud.  

 ‘Maimoona Saud’ is a Beauty Hooked Approved MUA! She is known for her flawless skin, and has gained a large fan following on social media in a very short span of time for her skin care DIYs and makeup routines. The girl has magic in her hands and beauty on her mind, and we are in love with her skincare advice on maintaining flawless looking, healthy skin. 


Perfect Skin Routine Morning & Night

  • Face Wash – Firstly, you need a face wash that is best suited to your skin type to wash all the dirt and oil off your face. 
  • Cleanse – Secondly, you need a cleanser to remove any leftover dirt or oil from your face, a good cleansing milk on a cotton wipe should unclog your pores and eradicate that dirt or oil. 
  • Tone – Thirdly, you need a suitable toner to apply to your face, this helps maintain the PH balance of your skin.
  • Moisturize – Fourthly, this is probably the most important step in your skincare regime, as it helps prevent dry skin and is nourishing for the facial skin. 
  • Hand Care – It is a given that your face is your main asset. However, your hands require some loving too, moisturizing your hands prevents the skin from drying in the winter. 
  • Lip Care – If you want smoother and softer looking lips, you gotta apply the lip balm. Yes, in order to moisturize the lips, a nice lip balm should retain the moisture and help you achieve those soft and smooth lips.  

There are six basic steps which will not take longer than 15 minutes… so don’t be lazy or cruel to your skin! 


Beauty Hooked Approved Products Used for the Morning Skincare Routine

  • NIVEA Gentle Face Wash
  • LOREAL Hydra-Total 5 Rich Cleaning Milk
  • Yuza Double Lotion Toner ( Korean Skin Therapy)
  • Botanical Wonders Coconut Oil
  • Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter
  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip balm


Beauty Hooked Approved Products Used for the Nighttime Skincare Routine

  • L’Oreal Hydra-Total 5 Rich Cleansing Milk
  • Cuticura Skin+Balance Moisture Cream
  • Johnson’s Cleansing Wipes
  • Yuza Double Lotion Toner (Korean Skin Therapy)
  • Botanical Wonders Almond Oil
  • Botanical Wonders Lip Balm 


Watch Maimoona’s Morning Routine:

Watch Maimoona’s Night-time Routine:


So why should you follow this routine by Maimoona Saud?

In her own words, she tells us her story…

“It all started off as my passion for Makeup & Beauty. It took numerous failed attempts at practicing makeup and beauty DIYs, unlimited practice and an insane amount of persistence that I finally got the grip of makeup and DIYs that truly work. Now I have a profound interest in producing more natural and organic ways of beauty treatments. And I believe in sharing my knowledge, expertise, and techniques of wearing makeup with Beauty Hooked’s followers and of course the world, so people can benefit from it in a positive way!” 

For more Beauty tips & tricks by this Beauty Hooked talent, Maimoona Saud, you can follow her on Instagram/Facebook: @maimoonasaud 

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