How You Can Spot Fake Makeup Products!


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When buying beauty products, of course, all of us want to know how to spot fake makeup and altogether avoid it. Counterfeit makeup products tend to smuggle their way into stores a lot! (even places where you don’t expect them to be… ) In most cases, these fake products can contain pretty harmful and cheap chemicals which can be damaging. Hence, we suggest you take a good look at products when purchasing.


Fake Kylie lip kits sold like wildfire, due to the product shortage and high demand… but then they also caused reactions such as this:



There are huge dangers attached to fake, counterfeit beauty and makeup products… as you’re not aware of what ingredients are inside them…


Bogus cosmetics production line in China is where most of these fake copies are usually made… Packaging and related elements are all made pretty close, but hey, that’s pretty much how counterfeit and fake beauty products function and get sold. So, they’re quite difficult to tell apart, however, if you look more closely you can almost always point out the differences.

This is why we’re giving you a list of how to spot and avoid fake makeup.




Ladies, a sale is one thing… but copies tend to sell for way less amount of money. They’re always the first and easiest factor to point out counterfeit/fake products. So, if you feel a product is priced unusually cheap, just go Google the original price. ONLY then buy the product (that is if you’re convinced it’s closer to the original price.) 




Another red flag that can make you aware of the differences between a genuine product and a fake one is the fake packaging! The Fake packaging consists of misspelled words, shady printing, even the material of the box feels like a knockoff.

Moreover, the fonts may differ, colors on the boxes can vary in different places and also text may be missing in some places on the fakes. Always keep a picture of the genuine product on your phone to refer to it.




Even if you’re ordering online, try to see the reviews and the pictures posted on their profiles. That can speak a lot about the kind of store it is and the kind of products it sells. As unappealing as some expensive products seem, these buyers actually go through a lot of hard work to bring in the product from other countries… so if you want a genuine one, might as well pay a few more to get genuine than buying a knockoff. Even in markets, go to reputable stores… never LIBERTY, never small cosmetic shops that sell cheap branded products. Those aren’t good signs. And please avoid wholesalers!




If you’re still not sure about a product- even if you buy from a store online, try to get a picture of the barcode and the packaging. Ask the online store person you need it because you’re unsure and want to avoid fake makeup. If they refuse, move on girl.

You can also ask for a receipt from online sellers. So after getting the barcode, you can call or email the concerned company and check with them if the product is real. That’ll save you from a lot of hassle, honestly.




Also, most brands publish and promote the differences between genuine and fake makeup products, once they find out about knockoffs being sold. Hence, it’s always better to take time and research about a particular product. Don’t rush it unless you know it’s a trusted and reputable seller!

So this is it! Of course we can’t point out each and every product and its counterfeits because millions exist in the market, however, you can minimize the risks involved by following these simple steps!





Downloading a Barcode scanner works wonders! The one we would recommend you use is ‘QR Reader’ which can be found in the App store. 

  1. Simply scan the barcode
  2. It’ll give you the option to search the product’s barcode on Google
  3. Which will then lead you to the details of the product
  4. If the details show up, then HOORAY it’s real, but if they don’t… then they are most likely fake! 




We Google everything! Our reliability for using Google for everything is way too high…  But, it’s our best bet. So try using Google for your Makeup needs too…

  1. Take the barcode of the product
  2. Type it into Google’s search bar
  3. The product’s details SHOULD show up 
  4. If they don’t, that means it’s most likely FAKE…

After reading this article, you girls should be Pros at avoiding FAKE makeup! 



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