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The girl that you’ve grown up with, the girl that knows all your personal secrets, the girl that has always been there for you, the girl who sometimes knows you better than you know yourself… yes that girl. That girl is getting married! We know that you can’t believe it either. But you know you love her so you have to look your best and put your A-game on for her special day. Because you know, she is special, she is for you! So at Beauty Hooked, we bring you the ultimate hair and makeup guide for your Besties shaadi. Read on….




Okay so first things first, your hair needs to look on point, after all, it’s your best friends wedding and who knows? You might also meet your future husband at her wedding. Our Beauty Hooked certified hair experts Fizah & Hera have three different hairstyles that you can attempt. Watch the video for their suggestions. 




Mehndi Hairstyle

Mehndi hairstyles are all about the braids! Fizah & Hera suggest a simple fishtail braid, to which they add flowers for that ‘omph.’ Flowers can spice up any Mehndi look pretty much and are a definite hair “Do” for your besties mehndi day. 

Baraat Hairstyle

Baraat hairstyles are all about the updoes! As its the main event, Fizah & Hera show you how to do a nice accessorized updo, to which they add a shimmery hairband to add flair to the overall look. They recommend leaving a strand or two of hair out to add sophistication to the overall Baraat look. 

Valima Hairstyle 

Valima hairstyles are all about the curls! For the Valima hairstyle, our hair experts add a headchain to their hair first, and then begin to style their hair using a curling iron. The curls are simple and the tutorial is in their video above.




The next important bit for your best friends wedding is your makeup! Your eyes need to be on fleek and your lips looking luminous as ever. Beauty Hooked’s Gem MUA ‘Maimoona Saud’ has your back. In the video below she demonstrates three different looks that you can easily attempt at each of the three main wedding events. 




The mehndi look is all about keeping it simple yet sexy! For a Mehndi look, Maimoona recommends nice shimmery gold eyelids, a subtle shade of blush and a nice pop of pink shade for the lips. 


The Baraat look is heavier than the Mendi look but not as heavy as the Valima look! For the Baraat look, she adds a shade darker to her previous Mehndi eyeshadow shade, adds a nice bright red lip to the mix and increases the intensity of her blush. Although she believes it’s optional to add highlighter, we think highlighter is a must for the added ‘omph’ and bestie glow.  


Valima look is always recommended to be heavier than the other two days makeup looks. For the Valima look, she’s opted for a smokey eye, which is easily do-able in three basic steps. Maimoona recommends balancing the smokey with a nude lip as it is better suited for the look. Otherwise, the intensity of smokey eyes with dark lips could make you look more clownish than pretty. To finish this look she adds highlighter to her cheekbones, the temple of her nose, her chin and her philtrum. 





Your clothes need to be head turning as well, after all, all your besties family, your friends, and perhaps the man of you dreams, will be there too. Also, how could we forget the photographer? The photographer is the main person you would want to look good for, just so you post-event pictures are forever memorable in a positive light (HA! Didnt think of that did you? Beauty Hooked’s got your back girl). 


Lenga Cholis are on trend and sexy as hell for mehndi’s these days. Think clothes with bright colors such as pinks, purples, deep blues, etc.  to match with that makeup and hair!


Short dress-tops with straight pin pants are totally in this season. The Baraat is probably the dressiest event, and your besties main one, so your cloths need to be heavy, and you would want to wear your best clothes to this event. Think clothes with colors such as Reds, burgundy, burnt-orange, emerald green, and gold etc. 


The Valima is about celebrating your besties first few days of her new life and growing up into a wife, so try to be subtle, sophisticated and not too over the top. Saris are super trending for valimas this season. Think colors such as white or silver. 





The jewelry that you wear for each of these events is also very essential, because it can either make or break your entire look. It is the glue that brings the entire look together so remember that!


For the Mehndi neck chokers are in but it really depends on the cut and style of your clothes, you could also wear a nice tikkah on your forehead to spruce up your look. 


For the Baraat a heavy necklace, earring combination with saharas to accent the look would do great. 


For the Valima, stick with metallic jewelry pieces as they tend to look great with heavily designed outfits. 






The shoes you wear are vital during the Shaadi because it’ll determine whether you’ll be able to dance during the event or not, and since its your Besties wedding you better be ready to dance like there is no tomorrow. 


Normally you would be expected to participate in your besties choreographed dances with her siblings, cousins, and friends, and basically be the center of it all. Make sure you wear shoes that you are comfortably able to dance in, at Beauty Hooked our suggestion would be to keep a change of shoes. While you are dancing keep a pair of comfortable flat shoes or sandals, if you really want to wear heels during this event then go ahead. Try not to get those feet dirty- dance floors are total crap for those fresh pedicures. 


Normally during a Baraat there isn’t much dancing involved, therefore those killer heels you purchased not long ago would be perfect for this event. But remember you will have to be the one doing the running around, and if the bestie is a bridezilla then be set for some serious grunt work so wear shoes that will allow you the hustle. 


This is the function your feet get a rest and you get to stay in one place and look pretty. Simplicity is the key here, a pair of plain metallic sandals or super sexy high heels would be perfect for this event. 

We hope this beauty guide set you up perfectly for your Besties big day! 


If your Bestie is already married, comment below and let us know the best moment from YOUR bestie ki shaadi. OR if you bestie is about to get married, what are you really looking forward to at her wedding. Whatever the case, make sure you Tag your bestie to your comment so she knows you love her to bits!





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