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Cream Contour Vs Powder Contour


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The art of contouring may seem tricky to some people on term of differences between cream and powder makeup.  Which is easier to apply? Which has more staying power? Which brand should you use? Every brand have come up with their own version and multiple formulas, so there’s a lot of confusion about which ones to get! Don’t worry we’re going to clear up about two major formulations: Cream and  Powder contour.

Let’s start..

Powder Contour:

If you’re a contour newbie, powder contour is the way to go. It’s more easier to blend, you can build it up according to any kind of look you’re trying to achieve. You just have to be careful about not putting too much as it can look overdone and unrealistic. Powder contour works best on oily skin type as it keeps it matte. Whereas on dry skin it may crease and look a little cakey if you apply too much product. Powder contour is applied through a fluffy brush, preferably an angled brush to achieve that chiseled look.


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Cream Contour

Cream contour is good for drier or mature skins as it doesn’t sit in fine lines or enlarged pores like powder can. It is generally very highly pigmented, so you only need a small amount of product. Application is quick and easier and it leaves the skin hydrated with a dewy glow. You can use a beauty blender for the seamless blending, or natural cream contour can be easily done by your fingers. Image result for ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS CREAM CONTOUR KI

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Now that you know all the pros and cons of both cream and powder foundation you can easily choose the right one for yourself!  Both have the same purpose, they is used to chisel and give dimension to your face, but go about in different ways. Application techniques and tools required for each formulas are different.



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