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Today we have featured a battle between our two cult favorite red lip products. Today’s face-off features the much hyped “Ruby-Woo” lipstick by MAC Cosmetics that is described as the perfect blue toned red making it the perfect red for our Desi brides. And, on the other hand, we have found Revlon’s Colorburst Matte Lip Balm in “Standout” as a very similar shade to the former. Unfortunately, it is one of those understated and lesser known products that deserves more love in the beauty world.


MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in “Ruby Woo”  




First Impressions

We have had our fair share of struggle and disappointments when it came to finding the perfect red that would compliment our skin tones. Ruby Woo was the only lipstick that was recommended to us 9 out of 10 times. Even Youtubers like Lisa Eldridge and Ankita from Corallista swore by it. It was after one year that we finally caved in and got one.




The lipstick arrived in a standard matte black cardboard box. The name of the brand and finish of the lipstick was printed in a white font. The minute we twisted up the product and WHOA! We knew that this was indeed one of the most beautiful variants of red we had ever laid our eyes upon. The color indeed was flattering with a matte finish as promised. One can imagine wearing this to the next lunch date with  friends, feeling glamorous and basking all the compliments.


My two Cents

The lipstick was indeed packed with pigment, but it took a couple of swipes to get an even layer of color on the lips which was quite opposite to the swatch on the hand. It was no doubt the most driest lipstick formulas that I have ever tried. The lipstick was marketed as a retro matte, but I didn’t expect it to be this unforgiving on the lips. For the next couple of hours I struggled with the idea of removing it. At that point my lips were parched and it emphasized the lines on my lips. According to my judgement criteria, that was a big NO!

I tried exfoliating my lips and also applied lip balm underneath before layering the lipstick and then it did layer smoothly. The lipstick pleasantly stayed put all day, there was no feathering or bleeding around the corners of the mouth which was a big plus. It made my smile a little more wide and my teeth appeared white. I layered it on top of Essence 01 “Ready for Red” lip-liner and although the lipstick doesn’t need a lip liner, but the combination worked wonders!  It is long-lasting, but even when it begins to fade, after eating or drinking, it does so evenly and leaves a beautiful stain behind.


Revlon ColorBurst Matte Lip Balm in “Standout” 


First Impressions

The product usually comes in a set of two, three and four and lacked an individual cardboard packaging. Whereas, it came in a twist-up crayon form with a plastic body. The outlook of the body was matte and that gave a true representation of the color of the product.




My two cents

In my experience this product did live up to it’s claim of being a “matte lip balm”. It glided like a dream on the lips with a minty flavor. Moreover, it left an opaque and even layer of product in a single swipe! To be honest it was hard to believe that it was from a drugstore option. Another positive thing was that the chubby point deposited the right amount of pigment on the lips. However, after a couple of applications the pointed tip turns into a round shape that makes precise application a difficult task. Therefore, one has to keep a lip brush nearby to pack on the color on every corner of the lips.

In addition, the color was not a flat matte nor shiny, but it felt like a velvet matte that settled comfortably on the lips. It isn’t transfer-proof and I did feel the need to re-apply it after 3 hours for a vibrant color payoff. Moreover, it does leave a subtle stain behind on the lips. On the downside, the product fades unevenly leaving flakes of product behind after some time.


Final Verdict

In my opinion both the products fulfill their promise of giving the perfect blue toned red color payoff. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself repurchasing Ruby Woo, given I can pair my essence lip liner with the Revlon Balm. The combination gives me the same vibrant color, wear=time and superior comfort for less than half the price! I can sense some raised eyebrows here, but I highly recommend Ruby Woo to anyone who loves it already. Ruby Woo is perfect, if you are looking for a traditional matte red lipstick that is long-wearing and someone who doesn’t care for the formula. But all those of you who are beginners and specially on a budget, I would highly recommend the Revlon one for sure! And, the best part, both are available from Al-Fatah. 

So, this is it from our side. Do comment below and let us know which one is your favorite and why? We’d love to hear from you!!

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