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Dupe vs First Copy makeup- Which one to buy?


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What is a dupe?

A dupe is an original product that can help you achieve the result similar to that of a high end product.

For example Makeup revolution Conceal and Define concealer is a dupe for the famous Tarte Shape Tape concealer. Dupe products are mostly by drugstore brands that are responsible for their products to an extent and can help you achieve the desired results at an affordable price.


What is First copy?

First copy makeup comes under the counterfeit products that are counterfeit products, often of inferior quality, made or sold under another brand name without the brand owner’s authorization. They are sold very cheap.

If a problem arises after use , there is no one responsible. You cannot approach anyone to file a complaint. Such products comprise of harmful chemicals that can cause inflammation, allergies, swelling and other problems


Our Final Verdict

Always buy original products or in case if you are low on budget then go for dupes. These brands are accountable for their products and have customer satisfaction policies. These products are safe to use.

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