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The Exact Lipstick Shades that will Make Your Face Look Brighter-Instantly!


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Has it ever happened to you that you tried on that latest trending lipstick shade you saw on a magazine cover, but it didn’t suit you at all? Your complexion ended up looking dull and drab and it really wasn’t that one color that lifts your entire look?

This happens because you are choosing the wrong shades, which don’t go with either your undertone or your complexion. Worry no more, just answer these few quick and easy questions and we’ll guide you on the exact shades that are made just for you!

What lip color do you use?

What color family do you typically gravitate towards?

How would you best describe your skin tone?

How would you best describe your complexion ?

How does your skin respond to the sun?

What's your hair and eye color combo?

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