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Eye Makeup Basics: Classic Eye look


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Classic eye look is a technique in which you deepen the crease first to add depth to the eyes.Then pack a shimmery eye shadow on the lids. This eye looks is suitable for all types of eyes and can be used with any type of eye shadows. 


Classic Eye Look Step By Step

Step 1:Start with a clean base. Apply an eye shadow primer to increase the longevity and pigmentation of the makeup.

Step 2:Use a concealer on the eyelids

Step 3:Apply a light beige shade as a transition, right above the socket line using a blending brush.

Step 4:Deepen the crease with a medium brown shade using a blending brush.

Step 5:Apply a black or dark brown shade on the outer corner of the eye using a blending brush or detailing brush.

Step 6:Cut the crease using a concealer brush.

Step 8:Blend any harsh lines using the blending brush

Step 9:Cut the crease using a concealer brush

Step 10:Apply a shimmer or glitter shade of your choice on the lid.

Step 11: Apply a gel or liquid liner.


Step 12:Apply a voluminous mascara.

Step 13:Highlight the inner corners and brow bone

Step 14:Apply a brown eye shadow on the lower lash line.


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