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We are all aware that there are just a few limited places from where we can get authentic makeup and beauty products from. But, thanks to online shopping, browsing and buying makeup products has become easier. However, the big question is, from where can we find authentic makeup and original products? Therefore, we decided to make this task so much easier for you! We have listed down some tried, tested and reliable online makeup pages, you all can order from, and they are officially Beauty Hooked approved!


1. Makeup4u Online

Makeup4u is an online platform which provides you authentic makeup on your doorstop. You can browse more by clicking here: www.facebook.com/makeup4uonline





2. LA Viva Glam

La Viva Glam offers all the ladies the best and original international cosmetic brands and a wide variety of accessories for women. For more: www.facebook.com/lavivaglam





3. Cosmetic Planet

Cosmetic Planet is based in Karachi and  provides authentic makeup from America, with the best prices. They provide products through cash on delivery service throughout Pakistan. You can browse more by going to: www.facebook.com/cosmeticplanetpk





4. Nidaz Collection

NidaZ collection is your ultimate hub for branded and original products. They carry a large stock of items and can arrange anything to everything for you from USA and Malaysia. To know more about their range, check this out: www.facebook.com/youdreamwedeliver






5. Slay Makeup

Slay makeup brings authentic products at your doorstep, as quick as you can imagine! For more on them, click here now: www.facebook.com/Slay-Makeup-872510812922378





6. Amor

This online page is where you can find authentic and original products which suit you needs and budgets. So, check them out here: www.facebook.com/amor.products





7. Hash

If you’re one of those who want affordable, but imported and trendy jewellery, cosmetics products, attractive bags and handicrafts at amazing prices, then this is the place to be: www.facebook.com/hashpakistan





8. Makeup Menu 

Makeup Menu claims to provide a variety of beauty and cosmetic products at the best prices, so if you want to have a look at their range yourself, all you have to do is, click here now: www.facebook.com/makeupmenu2




If you know of any more authentic pages for beauty product shopping, just comment below and let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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2 Responses
  • Sumbul memon
    July 16, 2017

    I bought some makeup from slaymakeup few months back. It was by far the worst shopping experience i have ever had. I ordered 3 makeup products. Initially they asked me for half payment but when we were finalizing the order they told me to send full payment otherwise products won”t be delivered. I agreed, not knowing how bad of a decision i had made. I only got one product. They said due to some issues other products were cancelled and they will TCS my money back. After a few days they told me money cannot be sent by TCS so they are going to bank transfer me the money. I waited for almost 3 months for my money. I contacted them multiple times and all I heard were excuses. Then they were like we cannot bank transfer you the money, arrange easypaisa and we will. I didn’t have easypaisa but i had to arrange it. Finally after 3 months of nagging i got my money back. The entire experience was painstaking.

    • Beauty Editor
      July 16, 2017

      Hi Sumbul! Sounds like a terrible experience. Unfortunately, since most of these vendors are homebased, such one off operational issues are bound to happen. We hope you have a better experience next time. Their product quality is good and authentic though, which was the main criteria for your review.

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