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Everyone loves fragrances… because it makes us smell awesome! Some people prefer musky fragrances, others prefer sweet, fruitier smells, it’s all dependent on your personality. Spring is around the corner and summer isn’t too far away… body mists are perfect to slap on during the hot summer days, so you smell refreshing all day round. 

At Beauty Hooked, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to body mists, body splashes, body sprays… whichever term you like to use. 



Difference between Perfume and Body Mists?

A perfume is designed to be sprayed on certain parts of your body such as behind your ears, on your neck, on your wrists etc.

Body Mists or Body Splash can be spritzed anywhere on your body and it has a very low concentration as compared to Perfume.

You can use these babies to keep in your bag during the summertime when it gets unbearably hot and you don’t want to smell of sweat…

You can use them to keep afresh during the day… and the best part?

They’re not too expensive as compared to perfumes… 


Beauty Hooked Approved Body Mists:

1. Victoria’s Secret Range

Price: Rs. 1300 – Rs. 1900/ Purchase it at Scent Station!

The Victoria’s Secret range of fragrance mists ARE absolutely luscious and delightful, they have a full range of mists from sweet smells to more muskier smells… and the best part they are easily available in Pakistan too! 

Beauty Hooked Favourites:

  • Love Addict
  • Bombshell 
  • Vanilla Lace


2. Bath & Body Works Range

Price: Rs. 2000 – Rs. 3000/ Purchase from Al-Fatah! 

Bath & Bodyworks range has any smell you could possibly imagine… they have earthy smells, sweet smells, seasonal smells… 

Beauty Hooked Favourites:

  • Hello Beautiful 
  • Japansese Cherry Blossom
  • Sweet Pea 



3. Flormar – Cotton Candy & Vanilla Body Mist 

Price: Rs. 450/ Purchase it from Rios

Flormar’s cotton candy & vanilla body mist is insanely good, it reminds us of everything sweet… 




4. The Body Shop 

Price: Rs. 1200 – Rs. 2500/ Purchase it at The Body Shop 

The Body Shop has the best fruity & floral body mists, and the bottle it comes in is made of glass, ensuring when it’s in your bag it doesn’t break! 

Beauty Hooked Favourites:

  • Vanilla Body Mist 
  • Moringa Body Mist
  • Pink Grapefruit Body Mist 



5. Body Fantasies Range

Price: Rs. 899/ Purchase it Online! 

Body Fantasies range has some awesome dupes for the Bath & Bodyworks range… and the best part? They’re much more affordable too! 


6. Luxury Collection Range 

Price: Rs. 300 – Rs.900/ Purchase it at Al-Fatah/ Jalal Sons

You must have seen the luxury collection body mists in Al-Fatah or Jalal Sons, they are another great alternative for bath and body works fragrance mists… and their much more affordable too! 

7. Hollister Body Mists 

Price: Rs. 1700/ Purchase it Online! 

Hollister has some beachy and earthy fragranced body mists, which remind you of the beach, California, and the ocean. 

Beauty Hooked Favourites:

  • Crescent Bay 


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