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Beauty Hooked’s Guide to Body Lotions!


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The season of dry skin is lingering around Pakistan nowadays…

It looks so ugly when it’s unwaxed, dry and patchy.  We simply can’t neglect our dry skin by concealing it, we have to hydrate it, especially in this cold weather season. Just your light-weight lotion may not cut it anymore…

You’ll definitely need to invest in a rich body lotion for a better response from your skin. 




What is the difference between Body Cream & Body Lotion?

Body lotions are not meant to be as sticky and have a thinner consistency than body creams.

This type of solution has a higher water content, is sold in larger quantities and is in fluid form.

Moisturising with such products is useful for your skin so it isn’t too dry and when you don’t want that sticky, oily feeling on your skin.


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Step-By-Step to Apply Body Lotions:

Step 1

Pick a formula that is best-suited for your skin type and the level of moisture your body needs. Don’t even think towards greasy creams, which will just make things sticky. Thick body creams also take more time to rub into your skin.Particularly on the regions that are mostly dry, for example, elbows, knees, and foot rear areas.

Lotions easily absorb into the skin therefore it’s best suited. 

Step 2

Moisturize AFTER you shower!

It’s honestly not that hard reaching for a hand cream during the day to relieve your skin. 

Step 3

Begin with a coin-sized dab of moisturizer in your palm, beginning from the base up. Keep repeating this step as you work your body by segments, hitting the legs, then the middle portion, and then the arms.

Don’t forget your feet and hands, and be generous at applying moisturizer on those dry territories. 


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Advantages of Body Lotions

  • Re-hydrates dried skin
  • Relieves additional dry spots on the skin.
  • Smoothens out calluses
  • Your skin feels and looks great
  • Enables yourself to unwind
  • Influences a glow on your skin


Can you use the same lotion for you Face, Hands, and Body?

The answer is NO.

It truly relies on your skins composition.

The cream formulas designed for your body, hands, and face contain ingredients that are mixed particularly for specific needs of the body. 

  • A face moisturizing lotion will contain properties that leave the skin smooth and clean. A face lotion is designed for the face, which would not function well on the hands and could bring about scaling or breaking on the dry finished skin around the knuckles and palms.
  • A hand lotion will incorporate supplements that will feed the dry, harsh skin found on your poor hands (A hand lotion is probably going to leave your skin baby soft) Hand lotions are typically lighter than body creams since they need to cover a smaller space area.
  • You can try rubbing it into your body, however, there are no positive impacts of utilizing a hand moisturizer on your body or the other way around.


Beauty Hooked Approved Body Lotions:

  • Dove Body Lotion Rs. 275
  • Vaseline body Lotion Rs. 225
  • Jergens Body Lotion Rs. 295
  • Palmers Body Lotion Rs. 435
  • Nivea Body Lotion Rs. 245
  • Garnier Body Lotion Rs.390


Comment below and let us know YOUR favorite body lotion. 



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