7 Hair Mistakes You Probably Make


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“I want dry and brittle hair filled with split ends…” said literally no-one ever! We all desire to have long, luscious, healthy, silky, and hydrated locks… and there are certain mistakes we all end up making daily, without even realizing that it’s not good for our hair! 

At Beauty Hooked, we investigated these hair care mistakes, by asking some of the top hair stylists in country to tell us about the most common hair care mistakes they see their clients making again and again. Read on to find out more, we bet some of these will surprise you! 



1. Dont brush wet hair…

Some of you may tend to reach for the brush, after you’ve washed your hair, in order to de-tangle it… OH NO! Don’t do that… Not on our watch… Hair is weakest when it’s wet, and wet hair is more prone to tangling, therefore you should always brush it before hopping into the shower, when it is dry! 


2. Brush from the scalp to the roots…

Some of you may end up brushing your hair ends first and then making your way towards the scalp. Reversing your technique to brush top down could cause less hair breakage. 


3. Washing your hair daily…

Our scalp is very sensitive, and washing your hair daily, means your scalp is being stripped of its healthy oils, leaving your hair lackluster and lifeless! So we would not recommend you wash daily. 


4. Intense Towel Drying…

If you’re one that towel dries intensely especially before blow-drying your locks its time to stop now. Rubbing hair too much will roughen up the cuticle, leading to dull hair, frizz, breakage and split ends.


5. Using hot tools on wet hair…

Probably one of the worst things you could do to your hair… NEVER use a hot styling tool on wet hair. Always dry your hair before you curl or straighten it, as using hot tools on wet hair is most likely to damage it. 


6. Not getting it cut frequently…

Healthy hair requires a trim every few weeks. 


7. Brushing it too intensely…

While you brush your hair, ensure you brush it with love and care. 


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