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The first time when highlighter was launched, everyone thought using a highlighter was a little extra and made the skin look oily and dewy, but who knew this would become such a huge trend and such a big hit that people around the world actually buy crazy ass expensive highlighters just for the perfect glow. But to actually glow like a goddess, there are a few tips and tricks that you need to learn for the perfect glow. Read below to learn the tips and tricks.

For this look all you have to do is:

  1. Finish up your foundation routine with all the steps you would normally do for a perfect base
  2. Contour your cheeks for a perfect contoured face
  3. Give a little tint to your cheeks by apply a subtle or bold blush according to your choice
  4. To apply the highlight use a fan brush to perfectly highlight the tops of your cheeks
  5. Lightly stroke the brush upwards to the temples, and lightly blend it in with your contour and highlighter
  6. To accentuate the glow more, spray a little rose water on your brush and then apply the highlighter for a blinding look
  7. To make your skin look more neat and glowy, apply the highlighter on your nose and chin
  8. If you have oily skin then avoid applying too much highlighter to prevent your skin from look more oily



Here are some of the products you need for a perfect goddess glow:


  1. A perfect contour and highlight brush set
  2. The perfect highlighter or a highlighter kit
  3. A rose water spray bottle or a makeup setting spray


Here are the products you can buy for this look:

  1. For a perfect contour kit we recommend the elf contour palette for a budget friendly product that can be purchased here and for a higher end product we recommend the Anastasia Beverly hills contour palette that can be purchased here
  2. For a highlighter we recommend the elf baked highlighter for an affordable product that can be purchased here and for the higher end product we recommend the balm Mary loumanizer that can be bought here
  3. The rose water bottle we recommend by botanical wonders can be bought here and for a setting spray we recommend the urban decay all nighter that can be bought here

Which highlighter to use for which skin types:

  1. Powder highlighter for oily skin
  2. Cream or liquid highlighter for dry skin
  3. Baked highlighter for normal to combination skin


Always remember to use the highlighter based on your skin type, if you use a highlighter which is liquid and if you have oily skin then it will make your skin look extra oily. Choosing the right product always saves the day!


Want our experts to cover more makeup techniques for you? Comment below and let us know!

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