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Foundations are a basic step in every makeup routine. Its very important to select a perfect shade that matches your skin tone to look like you know what you’re doing. There are many shades and formulas readily available in foundations, leaving you thinking, the bases on which one should purchase a foundation. So if you’re looking for that perfect guide that will help you select your true match, stay hooked.


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A foundation is selected on the following basis

  • Formula of the foundation according to type of skin
  • Undertone of the skin
  • Tone of the skin
  • Climate condition
  • Coverage Needed


  • Normal skin has less to no issues while choosing beauty products for them they can use both water-based and oil-based foundations depending on the weather conditions 
  • Oily Skin release excess oil and therefore has a natural shine, so water-based, oil-free matte foundations, powder-based and minerals foundations also work great for oily skin
  • Dry Skin has a tendency to tighten with the loss of moisture, so oil-based, creamy foundations work great for them. Dry skin should avoid matte foundations as they can give a dull look. Compact powders will also make dry skin look parched 
  • Combination Skin is basically dry to oily skin with dryness on the cheeks and an oily T-zone. A foundation for combination skin should control the T zone as well as hydrate the skin so an oil-free foundation with moisturization is the best choice for combination skin.

*For Beauty hooked Approved options for foundation on every skin type click Makeup Dictionary: Type of Foundation

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Skin undertone is important to choose before choosing any foundation shade. 

  • Cool skin tones –  veins on the wrist appear blue in sunlight, and the skin turns pink under the sun
  • Warm Skin Tones- veins on the wrist appear green in sunlight, and the skin turns dark under the sun
  • Neutral Skin Tones – equal number of green and blue veins


Apply three shades nearest to your skin tone on your jawline and tap it, the one shade that disappears into the skin is your perfect match. Also, try to choose the shade in natural light. 

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Our skin is greatly affected by the weather conditions – so much that it changes the skins structure and texture. Dry skin becomes normal in summer and over dried in winter. Oily skin is prone to become normal in winter whereas as it looks like an oil container in summer. So, the foundation formula should be changed towards more moisturizing ingredients for all skin types. Also, the weather also effects the coverage of a foundation. e.g, in winters you can use heavy coverage foundations as they are oil-based, and for summers you must use light coverage foundations as a heavy foundation may clog your pores leading to breakouts. 



Foundation Coverage depends on the need of the skin. For instance, scarred and blemished skin needs more coverage. On the basis of coverage, foundations are classified as light, medium, and full coverage. 

  • Light – the foundation with sheer coverage is good to go for a natural look or just to even out a skin tone. It is best for clear blemish free skin to give a neat look
  • Medium –  the foundation with creamy consistency is good to hide light to medium skin discolorations and imperfection. They can be used for deep marks after using color correctors and concealers. 
  • Full- Full or thick coverage foundations are used to cover deep blemishes, imperfections, and scars. they have cream to a thick consistency. Some foundations have such full coverage that even for deep marks, no color corrector is required. 


So these are the simple tricks and trades of selection a foundation that is best suited for your skin. We often end up getting the wrong colour or consistency because we don’t know what we exactly want. But, if you are looking for help to choose your foundation, call us on * 92 336 3232889 or book an appointment with a Beauty Consultant. 

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