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Huda Kattan was criticised for shaming this youtuber over her acne scars


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Huda Kattan’s brand Huda Beauty was criticised for sharing an article shaming a fellow YouTuber’s acne scars.The article featured images of Em Ford (@mypaleskinblog), beauty blogger.




Addressing this in her Instagram Story, Ford said,
Dear @HudaBeauty, I wanted to say thank you for using my #skinpositivity images to tell the world that my face full of scars is worse than active breakouts. And for reinforcing that narrative that anything less than ‘flawless’ is something we should feel ashamed of, or want to fix and ‘get rid of.’
Headlines like that are the reason I receive thousands of emails on a daily and weekly basis from women all over the world. Some of whom are made to feel so ashamed of their skin, it affects every aspect of their lives. And couldn’t even dream of enjoying themselves on holiday without applying a full coverage foundation.”
Here is our Take on the issue…Every girl is beautiful and makeup must never be used as a tool to hide your real beauty, infact one should use it as a weapon to enhance the existing beauty.Its time we start taking makeup as an art and as a talent, but there is no way a girl should be criticised for revealing her real beauty! 
We feel you Ford! And we all face such skin issues at some point in our lives, but that does not make any one of us any less beautiful. Therefore, its time we stick to the No Makeup Makeup Look that feel confident in our own skin.
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