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Blush can make or break your makeup routine. Good thing blush is so basic right? The easiest thing on the planet…the simplest part of the makeup process….yes? well, NO! We are surprised at how many girls don’t know how to get Blush right. So here are the “Basics” of a “Basic,” explained beautifully by one of our fav international v-loggers Susan Yara contributor on Youtube’s @mixedmakeupchannel. Watch the video to learn how to apply Blush like a pro.


Tip #1: Choose the Right Blush for Your Skin Type:

This is key if you want you blush to stay put.

Oily Skin: use a powder blush. 

Dry Skin: use a cream blush.

Normal Skin: use either powder or cream blush.

If you want staying power: layer powder blush over cream blush. 


Tip #2: Find the Right Blush Color:

Pale Skin: Soft pink, light pink, coral and peach shades

Medium Skin: Rose or Apricot shades

Dark Skin: Brick Red or Plum


Tip #3: Use the Right Tools for Application

Powder Blush: use Fluffy Brush 

Cream Blush: Finger or Beauty Blender


Tip #4: Know Where to Apply Based on Face Shape

Keep your face shape in mind. 

Square Face: Apply only on the apples of your cheeks

Heart Shaped Face: Apply under the apples of your cheeks in an upwards motion

Oval Face: Apply to thE apples of your cheeks and sweep it upwards 

Round Face: Apply blush around the cheekbones in an upwards motion 

*Pro Tip: Dont forget to Blend. Harsh lines are a big NO NO! 


Tip #5: Apply Blush in the Right Order

Step 1: Foundation: because it helps to even out the skin tone and make blush stick better

Step 2: Translucent powder: on your cheeks for added grip. It helps the blush pigment go on more evenly and last longer 

Step 3: Bronzer: 

Step 4: Blush 

Step 5: Highlighter: to accent your blush


Tip #6: Use Blush to Contour

To soften a jawline: sweep it along your jaw 

To shorten a long face: apply to your temples

To slim down a round face: apply to the top of your cheekbones


Did you know? 

*You can use Blush as a Lip balm. Just mix it with your chapstick and apply it to your lips.

*You can use your lipstick as a blush by applying it to your cheeks with your finger.

Hope you enjoyed this read. Comment below to let us know what else we can guide you on?



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