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We bet several of you can relate to this… How many of you have been in such a dilemma…? You’ve bought a new top or lawn kurta, and you’re super excited to wear it, however; when it comes to makeup… you’re extremely lost on how to even begin to attempt it. Which shade of lipstick should you wear? Which shade of eyeshadow too? So it doesn’t counteract with the lipstick or vice versa… Should you wear eyeliner or keep it natural? … the list of such questions is endless. 

If you are wearing block color outfits, such as an all-black outfit, you would look extremely stupid/ insane if you wore black lipstick and black eyeshadow… therefore… the aim of the game is to not have a blob of bright eyeshadow on your lids or bright lipstick that’s bleeding from all corners…

At Beauty Hooked, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide for you, to explain the relationship between makeup and clothes! 



What’s Your Undertone?

If you’re not sure what your undertone is then, then firstly, you need to determine your undertone… Everybody’s skin has an undertone: warm, cool or neutral. And, there are a couple of ways you can figure out what skin undertone you have… 

Vein test

The easiest is the vein test! Begin, by examining the veins on your wrist…

Depending on the color of your veins, the chart below explains what kind of undertone you have… 


Foundation + Concealer

After you’ve determined your undertone, you should then apply a foundation and concealer that is best suited for your undertone and skin tone… Wearing the wrong shade of foundation can honestly make you look non-fleeky… 

Read our full guide to choosing the right foundation here


One or the Other! 

You will definitely look clown-like if you choose to wear red lipstick, red blush and red eyeshadow with a red piece of clothing…

Instead, you should decide to enhance a single feature, and keep the rest neutral. Either pick your eyes or lips to enhance the main color of your outfit. So, don’t get too carried away… a heavy black smokey eye with a bright red lip will make you look more drag-queen than a princess. Yes, not happening… 

Nudes, whites, browns, and blacks are safe colors as they match all other colors if you’re feeling bold to try a color outside of the safe zone, make sure your blending is on point and it’s the right shade of color matching your outfit. 



Embrace the Neutrals! 

If you’ve decided to emphasize one main feature and tone down the rest. You want your focus feature to stand out alone, so tone down the rest of your makeup with a soft, neutral palette. 

  • With bold lips, opt for sheer, muted neutrals or peachy colors on the eyes and cheeks.
  • With statement eyes, choose a neutral lip. However, if your outfit is neutral, be sure to add color to your makeup to avoid looking washed-out. (Trust us, several people will question you if you are ill or not…)



Matchy Matchy!

You can try matching your makeup to your outfit exactly, but if it’s done poorly, you’ll look like you’re ready for Halloween more than the actual day itself!

Don’t overmatch your outfits with your clothes, as your aim is to marry certain colors together and look polished… you don’t want to choose two colors and deck yourself out head-to-toe, trust us!

Match your lipstick to a bright accessory or make daring eyeshadow the only color you sport with block color outfits.



Trial & Error for the win…

No one is born perfect, knowing which makeup colors to match with their clothes. It’ll take some time and practice, to perfect such a skill… but you’ll soon get the hang of it! 

Through experimenting with makeup, you’ll get the hang of what works for you and what doesn’t… 

And, don’t beat yourself up, if you make the occasional mistake now and then, even Professional MUA’s and Beauty Guru’s screw up sometimes! 



Here you can view our Pro-on-board Rukhma Ali’s video on exactly how you should match your makeup to your outfit, she shows you a demonstration of exactly how she does it for her outfit! Also, make sure you subscribe to our awesome YouTube channel HERE to watch all our previous takeovers! 




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