MAC Vanilla Pigment: Product Review


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Recently, we came across this amazing magic-in-a-jar product, which we absolutely loved! MAC Vanilla Pigment is one of those products which will be with you for a lifetime and you would never get enough of it! 

So, read on below for our detailed review and let us know what you think in the comments below.



The packaging of the pigments changed a few years ago, from a wider shorter jar to a thinner longer jar. The packaging is very simple, a clear jar with a cover, and the sticker on the bottom where the number and name of the pigment is. It’s simply one of the classics. 





Since we’re talking about pigments, the contents of the jar are VERY pigmented. The texture is like smooth fairy dust and this is one of the products that the statement ‘a little goes a long way’ applies to. A tiny smudge you take off from the inside of the cap can be easily used for your whole eye. How amazing is that?



Many varieties of shades exist for this product, the one we’re reviewing in particular is MAC’s Vanilla pigment. There are glitter variations, metallic type shades, and every essence you can think of is added to these pigments. If you want a rose gold look, go for ‘rose’, if you want a navy blue, go for Naval Blue. Their shade variety is just amazing!



The lighter shades have more uses, depending on your style and preference. These pigments can be used for basically anything, MAC’s Vanilla Pigment can be used as a highlighter on your cheeks, brow bone, inner corners, as an eye shadow or on your lips to add some shimmer.




It retails for $22 USD, which is about PKR 2300 in Pakistan.


Where to buy

You can easily find this at Al-Fatah, or if you wish you can buy it online as well.



These pigments last FOREVER, it has many uses, they are very vibrant and have an amazing texture. These are super soft and easy to blend, so they work amazing in eye looks.



These have to be handled very carefully, because it can all fall out in one second. Moreover, sometimes it can be hard to find the exact shade you want in Pakistan, as only some colors are available at different times, and they are more on the expensive side. Also, you have to be very careful of fallout, since it is literally a pigment it can fall on your face and shake off easily.


Well, this is it from our side. Comment below and let us know if you want to know more, and also if you want us to review more products, and we’d love to do them for you!

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