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Makeup Multitaskers for the Broke and Busy…


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Having a busy schedule means you don’t have the luxury of time to try and test new products. Therefore, you need to quickly scroll through your social mediums to keep in the loop of all the latest releases… but a majority of the time the products are hella expensive and it sucks because payday is a mile away… being broke is sad as it is, however, it shouldn’t compress your passion for makeup… Here are a few ways you can multi-task with using your makeup products to save your time and save on some bucks… 


1. Tinted Moisturizer as a base… 


The first and foremost step is to moisturize and hide all the blemishes. For that, you can use a tinted moisturizer. It will help camouflage all the blemishes, acne marks and give you a radiant skin, At the same time, it will moisturize your skin to smooth the dry patches off your skin so you can easily apply your foundation. 


2. Concealer as a Primer! 


Don’t want to spend extra cash on eye primers just to make your eyeshadows stick…? Well, that’s completely okay! A concealer that is used in the under eyes can also be used on top of the eyelids to act exactly as an eye primer, once set with a loose powder.


3. Use Brown Pencil as a Crease Shade.


Don’t dread if you don’t have the perfect brown shade to make the crease out of your eyelid or to tight line the lash line. Simply take a large soft brown pencil, tight line your lash line to make your eye appear bigger and then throw the same brown shade on your eyelid to make it a base shade for the Smokey eye look or to make a crease depending on your eye shape.


5. Contour Powder for the Eyebrows.


Don’t have enough time to find that tiny brow pencil that you once bought? It’s ok…. to save time just simply grab the contour palette you probably use to chisel your cheekbones, as a brow powder to fill in the brows and carve them out.


6. Tinted Lip Balm as a Blush. 


Running out of time…. or running low on cash? Just use a tinted lip balm to make those cheeks pop with color… it will surely last throughout the day.

Just dab a little pink or red toned lip tint on your cheeks to give a natural blush finish.


7. Eyeshadow as a Highlighter.  


The best way to give the high points of your cheek the intensity without a proper highlighter, just use a shimmery light gold eyeshadow individual that you own and you are good to go!



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