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Mario Dedivanovics Masterclass Recreation!


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If you didn’t catch this awesome gal on our Snapchat, then shame on you (Haha, not really, but you missed an awesome makeup tutorial and some very handy tips).

Anaa Murtaza Zaidi, a Makeup Artist and Blogger based in Islamabad got to attend the one and only Mario Dedivanovic’s Masterclass in Dubai last year!! And, of course, we all know Kim Kardashian and the fact that she is his ultimate muse, she was there TOO!

Yes, we are so SO jealous, haha. 

At Beauty Hooked, we’re sharing with you some awesome tips by Mario that Anaa shared with us… So make sure you read this article until the end. (You won’t regret it)


Anaa with Kim and Mario 



Who is Anaa? 

“I teach makeup, so girls can big their own makeup game and learn to enhance their features. I believe that every girl/ woman is the best Judge of what works for them, what makes them feel comfortable in their own skin and what makes them look good. And there is no one else who is able to bring that feeling about. Only you can make you feel like the best version of YOURSELF.

For me, that is the most important factor when I do my own makeup or I am teaching makeup. I feel every girl is different and they need to understand their own features and learn to enhance those features, instead of trying to copy others.

In my masterclass and my individual makeup lessons that is exactly what I encourage and teach the girls to do. Understanding your face shape, your eyes, your skin and doing makeup that reflects your personality instead of you being just another canvas for others to paint the way they feel is beautiful!” 

– Anaa Murtaza Zaidi 


Who is Mario Dedivanovic?


If you seriously have been living under a rock, and that is the reason you don’t know about Mario… then we can forgive you… but otherwise, girl get a hold of yourself! 

Mario Dedivanovic is one of the most influential Makeup Artists from the United States, best known as @MakeupbyMario and Kim Kardashians go-to MUA! The duo has changed the international makeup game entirely! We can thank them for wide-spreading contouring and natural style makeup look sexy again. 

He has a huge Instagram following and he’s the creator of the concept of a masterclass, yes, it was HIS thing before it became mainstream. 


Tips from Mario’s Masterclass:

Here is the final look, that our awesome MUA Anaa attempted on herself, her blending skills are beyond amazing and it was so cool of her to share the tips she learned from Mario’s masterclass, with us.



1. Flawless Skin

Anaa tells us, how in walks Kim with flawless looking, healthy and glowing skin. Mainly because she can afford all those skin treatments, but also because your skin (especially your facial skin) is like a canvas for applying your makeup. 

Anaa tells us how Mario emphasizes the need for your skin to be clear and smooth in order to apply your makeup. Otherwise, your makeup will no doubt look cakey, unblended and it won’t be on fleek. So make sure you CTM and drink loads of water for healthy skin.


Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer (Used by Mario) 


2. Mario Doesn’t Use Primer 


Yes, we were shocked to hear this too because, in today’s world of makeup, it’s the only makeup product everyone seems to be bothered about… there’s even primer for different parts of your face now… eyelid primer, lip primer etc. 

His prime reason as revealed by Anaa is that it doesn’t allow the foundation to blend well with skin, it acts as a barrier. 

Comment below and let us know if after reading this you’ll stop wearing primer. 



3. Layer Your Makeup 

Another tip Anaa revealed about Mario is that he applies all his makeup products in layers, from foundation to concealer and even mascara. It slowly and gradually builds up the intensity of your makeup and has a nicer dewy finish. 


4. Contouring

Mario is a king of contouring, he’s mastered the art of defining your facial features. Anaa reveals how he used Benefit’s Hoola bronzer to contour on the day of the masterclass. 

If you still haven’t started participating in the contouring game, don’t worry, we have the ultimate guide for Contouring DO’s and DON’TS right here!




5. DO NOT mix cream and powder together!

Anaa also reveals how Mario also warns us to not mix cream products with powder products because it tends to crease the overall makeup look easily. Go for creamy products if you don’t have oily skin problems, But if you have oily skin, then girl, you should stick to those powders to give you a matte look


6. Eye Makeup Tips

  • You should do your eyebrows before anything because they act as a guideline towards your eye makeup
  • You should use matte eyeshadows on the crease and shimmery eyeshadows on the eyelids
  • If you’re thinking of using fake eyelashes then you should apply individual eyelashes rather than lashes that are a whole 


Watch the full Masterclass Recreation Makeup Tutorial here:


Comment below and let us know if YOU enjoyed this article and have any topics for us to cover. 



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