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Hello everyone and I wish you all a very Happy New Year. Let me introduce you all to myself! I am Saleha, a passionate beauty blogger  and a Struggling Makeup Artist. I am very much honored to be a part of this platform & i thank deeply to everyone, who let me this opportunity. So to start off, i am going to review our very own home-based brand. Yes you got that right! *Masarrat Makeup*. I mean, who doesn’t know her??




About her: (Source)

Masarrat Misbah is an entrepreneur and beautician and is one of the most successful business women in Pakistan. Masarrat Misbah has devoted her work to promote independence of women and encouraging the empowerment of young women in Pakistan. The next step in the evolution of the Masarrat Misbah brand was to take her 35years of experience and turn it into a beauty product so that every woman can carry a piece of empowerment with her.

When the brand was launched, I was very curious to try all the products which the brand offers. Un luckily I am from a small town, where no such event happens nor do people invite. Anyhow, as soon as people began to try the foundation, they are mixed reviews about the foundation in the air. To people, it was a but on the other hand for some people it was a total NO, as it was causing immediate breakouts.  I was very skeptical whether to invest in or not. At that time it was priced very reasonable, 1100 -/ Pkr.( Poor me!) To find out whether the hype was real or not, I grabbed mine, after the price reached on 1400-/ Pkr. (Ahh – Isn’t it sad).


MM silk foundation – Almond

It has twelve shades in total – I am in the shade *Almond* (NC-25). As the names as given to the foundation, it can give you the idea of the color to some extent! You can buy online or always visit to stores those carry MM makeup!

  • Porcelain
  • Ivory
  • Nude
  • Fair
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • Almond
  • Warm Golden
  • Natural Warmth
  • Warm oak
  • Mocha
  • Latte



This foundation comes in a black cardboard package with the name and shade mentioned on it. The bottle itself it very sturdy and unique, It is a glass bottle with a black dispenser pump, carried by a plastic cap. It has a matte texture throughout, which is little handy and can get dirty easily. (I like clean makeup). It is travel friendly, as it has a heavy glass bottle which cannot break easily. But yeah precaution is always better.


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MM silk foundation – Almond (Swatched)


What the brand has to say about this:

This weightless liquid formula “tunes in” to you skin’s need, controlling oil where there is a shine and moisturize where it’s patchy for a long wearing balanced look, with true coverage.


Does the above statement truly justify?

Well surprisingly, YES! This by far is the BEST-EST (People please pay attention to the word) I have ever tried. This foundation has a light weight formula with a medium to full coverage. Unlike other foundations, it has a thick consistency which is a plus for me. It glides on smoothly without making you look cake-y or overboard. Moreover, it can hide your blemishes and acne for up to 50%, not completely which mostly foundation don’t. It leaves a smooth canvas for you without accentuating the dry patches, if any!

I think it contains any sort of oil/moisturizer in it which makes the foundation so much smooth and moisturizing. It has a lovely wear time of 6-8 hour without budging. It does not cause me ANY breakouts. In fact this has been my HG foundation. But, it only problem is that, it does not control the oil completely. You have to top it up with a matte powder to prevent the oil from peeking out. After 3-4 hours I can see a little shine on my forehead, chin and around the sides of my nose. *I forgot to powder that day*. Otherwise this foundation is 10/10. I will definitely repurchase it once it is gone. So, let me know if you have used this foundation? What are your thoughts on it?


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Masarrat Misbah silk foundation (Applied) *Picture taken After 6 hours of application*



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  • Sana
    October 14, 2016

    Did you buy it yourself? Also does this foundation have a flashback?

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