How Much Do You Know About Beauty?


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Every woman has the right to look and feel great, and beauty know-how is really the basic to looking and feeling pretty fabulous. But how much do you really know about Beauty? Take this quiz to find out.

1. Are you a Professional Makeup Artist?


2. How much makeup do you own?


3. What is a T-Zone?


4. What is the first product you should use on your face when applying makeup?


5. Why is it good to use primer as the base coat for makeup?


6. When looking out for the perfect foundation match what factors one should keep in mind?


7. Which is the best place to match your foundation?


8. To get a sheerer foundation finish you can?


9. What should you keep in mind when buying a concealer specifically for the area under you eyes?


10. Which color corrector is used for hiding blemishes?


11. When choosing a concealer, which one of the below mentioned color theories are NOT correct?


12. What does the BB in “BB Cream” stand for?


13. What does the CC in “CC Cream” stand for?


14. What is the difference between UVA and UVB?


15. Do you know the different between contour and highlight?


16. What should be the undertone of your contour shade?


17. What is the correct way to apply blush?


18. What color blush goes with darker skin tones?


19. When applying eye shadow you should usually move the brush…


20. What is banana powder used for?


21. How often should mascara be replaced?


22. When should you pop in contact lenses?


23. When should you apply false eyelashes?


24. Blotting papers are used to blot lips after applying lipstick.


25. What are the steps to a perfect lip liner?


26. Which makeup technique would make your lips look plumped up?


27. When sanitizing your tools, all palettes and palette knives must be sanitized using…


28. Under what conditions should oil based makeup be used instead of water based makeup?


29. What should you consider when applying makeup for photography or film?


30. What are some of the best brushes for contouring and highlighting?


31. Which one is NikkieTutorials favorite primer?


32. Becca Champagne Pop Highlighter is an invention of?


33. Which of the following is the World’s largest Cosmetic Company


34. What is the correct pronunciation of NYX Cosmetics?


35. What shade is not a MAC Lipstick shade?


36. What is the ‘sandbagging’ technique?


37. What other makeup technique is a derivative of sandbagging ?


38. Applying tiny dots of foundation for an airbrushed effect is called:


39. What is Jamsu?


40. How do you think you did on this beauty test?


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