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There has been an overflow of organic beauty and skin care products in Pakistan, with several brands claiming they are the best! From CoNatural, Mana’s Beauty Spirit, Aura Crafts, Skin Deep, Spa in a bottle, Grandma’s Oil, Kishmish Products, and the list goes on… they all have loads of similarities… they all promise they’re organic, home-made and have specific products suited for specific skin types. 

But, the question is, is that true…? Are they, in truth, even any good? 

At Beauty Hooked, we got to the bottom of this, with the help of our Pro-on-Board Minhal Khan, we’re bringing you the ultimate and honest review on organic products that have been tried & tested by our Pro Minhal. 



Hair Products:

CoNatural Shampoo

Price: Rs. 950/ Purchase it Here



CoNatural Conditioner 

Price: 950/ Purchase it Here! 



Himalya Herbals Anti Hair Fall Protein Shampoo

Price: Rs. 400/ Purchase it at Jalal Sons!



Himalya Herbals Softness & Shine Protein Conditioner 

Price: Rs. 400/ Purchase it at Jalal Sons!  



Mana Beauty Spirit Sweet Orange & Rosemary Shampoo

Price: Rs. 749/ Purchase it Here! 



Mana Beauty Spirit Sweet Orange Conditiner 

Price: Rs. 549/ Purchase it Here! 



Go Natural – Castor Oil, Almond Oil & Coconut Oil 

Price: Rs. 250- Rs. 600/ Purchase it at Al-Fatah! 


Grandma’s Secret Oil 

Price: Rs. 500/ Purchase it here! 


Spa in a Bottle Instant Glow Face Mask 

Price: Rs. 600/ Purchase it Here!  



Spa in a Bottle Pure Aloe Vera Gel 

Price: Rs. 650/ Purchase it Here! 



Here you can view our Pro-on-Board Minhal Khan’s full review on these Organic beauty products and whether they were suitable for her or not. Also, make sure you subscribe to our awesome YouTube channel HERE to watch all our previous takeovers! 



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