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Your Pre-Bridal Vanity Bag Is Beauty Hooked Approved


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We love shopping – it’s fun. But you what’s better than fun? Shopping for your wedding, even more so, because it’s the biggest day in your life! The choices that you are free to make, are incredible , and no one stops you or questions you when you decide to splurge. However, it’s also very easy to get carried away when shopping for makeup to fill your bridal vanity bag with vivid colours and shades. The overindulgence feels dream-like. But when you look at the collection in your vanity kit a few months later and notice the expiry date long gone, is sheer torture, and sadly cosmetics have a short shelf-life so why would you want your heart to break? So, if you’re looking for a pre-bridal vanity bag to take with you then you, unquestionably, would prefer not to overlook these things!



The following skin care products are for normal skin. So, if you’re looking for product for your skin type, and within your budget, read the bottom line of this article

  1. FaceWash: Loreal Paris Hydra Total 5 for Rs. 795/-
  2. Cleanser: Physiogel Cleanser for Rs. 750/-
  3. Toner: Garnier Skinactive Nourishing Botanical Toner for Rs. 495/-
  4. Exfoliator: St Ives Oatmeal Scrub for Rs. 295/-
  5. Mask: Freeman Honeydew Chamomile Sleeping Mask for Rs. 335/-
  6. Serum: Depends on what you want to achieve e.g anti-aging, whitening, deep hydration *Approx Rs. 2000/-
  7. Moisturizer: Loreal Paris Hydra Total 5 for Rs. 850/-
  8. Eye Cream: Loreal Paris Revitalift Eye Cream for Rs. 1500/-
  9. Optional: Medicated ointments for targeted problems such as dark spots, enlarged pores, breakouts, acne, itchiness, etc *Approx Rs. 1000/-
  10. Sunscreen: Spectrablock by Steifel for Rs. 2500/-
  11. Hand Cream: Vaseline Intensive Rescue Healing Hand Cream for Rs. 600/-
  12. Foot Cream: Freeman Bare Foot Cream for Rs. 400/-
  13. Body Moisturizer: Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion for Rs. 750/-
  14. Lip Balm: Nivea Lip Balm for Rs. 350/-
  15. Body Wash: Lux Body Wash for Rs. 200/-
  16. Manicure Set for Rs. 500/-

Beauty Hooked Approved Total Skin For Bridal Vanity: Rs. 13,350/-



  1. Hair Oil: Any according to your what your hair needs for *approx Rs.500/-
  2. Hair Mask: Tony & Guy Nourish Reconstruction Mask for Rs. 1095/-
  3. Shampoo: Loreal  Paris Power Moisture Hydrating Shampoo for Rs. 545/-
  4. Conditioner: Loreal Paris Power Moisture Hydrating Conditioner for Rs. 575/-
  5. Hair Serum: Lakme K.Therapy for Rs. 1995/-
  6. Hair Spray: Novagold for Rs. 295/-
  7. Hair mousse: Loreal Paris Studio Rs. 575/-

Beauty Hooked Approved Total Hair Care For Bridal Vanity: Rs. 5,580/-



  1. Hair Straightener: Remington Keratin Pro Straight for Rs. 7400/-
  2. Tong: Phillips hair Tong for Rs. 4495/-
  3. Heated Rollers: Remington Jumbo Curls 4800/-
  4. Hair Dryer: Braun Power Preference for Rs. 5500/-
  5. Hair Brush: The Body Shop Hair Brush for Rs. 1900/-
  6. Comb: The Body Shop Comb for Rs.1800/-
  7. Bobby Pins for Rs. 50/-
  8. U-Bun Pins for Rs.50/-

Beauty Hooked Approved Total Hair Styling Tool Kit For Bridal Vanity: Rs. 25,995/-



  1. Primer: Maybelline Baby Skin FOR Rs.750/-
  2. Colour Corrector: Rimmel Colour Correcting Palette for Rs. 1600/-
  3. Concealer: Maybelline Fit Me for Rs. 1o50/-
  4. Foundation: Loreal Paris Lumi for Rs. 3300/-
  5. Compact Powder: Loreal Paris Infallible for Rs. 1050/-
  6. Baking Powder: Coty Aspirin for Rs. 2000/-
  7. Blush on: Morphe Blush On Palette 9B for Rs. 2500/-
  8. Contour: Luscious Matte Contour Palette for Rs. 2250/-
  9. Highlighter: The Balm Mary Luminizer for Rs. 3000/-
  10. Eye Lid Primer: Luscious Angel Eyes for Rs. 875/-
  11. Eyebrow Kit: Luscious Eye Brow Kit for Rs. 1695/-
  12. Eyeliner : Inglot Gel Liner # 77 for Rs.1300/-, Rimmel Colour Precise for Rs.1100/-, Maybelline Master Drama Kohl for Rs.899/-
  13. Mascara: Maybelline Colossal Mascara for Rs.600/-
  14. Mascara primer: LOréal Paris Voluminous Mascara Primer for Rs. 1050/-
  15. Lip Primer: Rimmel Lip Primer for Rs. 595/-
  16. Lipsticks: Any 10 shades according to your skin tone – on an average Rs. 500 * 10 = Rs.5000/-
  17. Lip Liners : Any 10 shades according to your lipsticks – on an average Rs.100 * 10 = Rs.1000/-
  18. Lip Colour Sealer: Artdeco Magic Fix for Rs. 1700/-
  19. Nail Polish: Any 10 shades according to your skin tone – on an average Rs. 300 * 10 = Rs.3000/-
  20. Nail Polish Remover: Medora Nail Polish Remover for Rs.60/-
  21. Nail White Pencil: Essence Nail White Pencil for Rs. 350/-
  22. Nail Polish Top Coat: Essence Top Coat for Rs. 470/-
  23. Eye Shadow Palettes: Morphe 35 F Rs. 3500/-, Beauty World Glitter Palette for Rs.1500/-, Glamorous Face USA Palette for  Rs.2500/-
  24. Makeup Setting Spray: Urban Decay All Nighter for Rs.4995/-
  25. Makeup Remover: LOreal Skin Perfection for Rs. 645/-
  26. Makeup Remover Wipes: Loreal Paris Hydra Total 5 for Rs. 595/-
  27. Makeup Brush Set: BH Cosmetics 14 Piece BH Signature Brush Set for Rs. 3500/-
  28. Beauty Blender: for Rs. 2500/-
  29. Eyelashes : Zhoosh Lashes according to your Eye Shape for Rs. 1950/-
  30. Eyelash Glue: Duo Eye Lash Glue for Rs. 1100/-

Beauty Hooked Approved Price Total Makeup Haul For Bridal Vanity Rs. 58,879/-


These are the maximum things that a bride-to-be can look for in her vanity box. However, you can omit products from the list that you don’t need, or thay exceed your budget. And if you’re still unsure what to buy, call us on +92 336 3232889 and book an appointment with our Beauty Consultant right here Beauty Consultancy for a customised bridal vanity kit. 

*Please note that if you’re unsure about the type of your skin and products suitable for you, no need to worry when you are hooked to Beauty Hooked. Book an appointment with Beauty Hooked Beauty Experts for 1:1 consultation and enlist the product perfect for you according to your type of skin.

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