Product Review: Aura Crafts Blackhead Buster!


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Aura Crafts is an organic hair and skin care brand based out of Pakistan. And if you don’t know what Aura Crafts is and why people are raving about it… We will tell you exactly why we are so much in love with this brand. We received a package by aura crafts with a mask in it and we got to try one of their bestselling mask which is the blackhead buster mask and we’ll tell you what we thought about it. Stay hooked to see if we actually loved the product or was it just …… blah.


Aura Craft’s Blackhead Buster Peel-Off Mask

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Packaging (6/10): It comes in a paper bag packaging with a sealed top for easy opening and seal.


Quantity (9/10): 75 grams 


Consistency (9/10): It comes in a powder form 



  • It smells delicious, and it is infused with a pineapple fragrance.
  • It is made from pure activated charcoal and bentonite clay which helps clear all the pores and fight excess oil.
  • It makes a nice, smooth paste when mixed with water as per the instructions.
  • It clears the skin completely.
  • It removes all the blackheads and whiteheads


  • As per the instructions, even 1 tbsp is more than enough for the face and the rest goes to waste.
  • It sticks to the skin and does not come off completely…
  • It doesn’t completely peel off, therefore washing it off with water works!
  • For Rs.800 the quantity is not justified.
  • Taking it off is very hard and time-consuming.


Price (8/10): It retails for Rs.800 


Purchase (10/10): Aura Craft Blackhead Buster Peel-Off Mask here!

Watch how to make this mask, apply it and take it off in this fun video below!


Final Verdict… 

It could’ve been a better mask with a better packaging and better quantity. Taking off this mask is a tough job since it has to be washed and peeled both. However, it smells delicious and does not burn the skin or irritates it. We highly recommend this product for oily and acne prone skin but we suggest not to use if you have sensitive skin. The rest we love this product!


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