Product Review: ELF Baked Highlighters!


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We all want a killer highlight without having to spend a lot, which gives the perfect glow with the best pigmentation payoff! We tried, we tested and we reviewed… and we’re ready to bring you our verdict towards ELF’s baked highlighters. ELF is a drugstore brand which generally produces dupes of several high-end products and we’ll mention the dupes this highlighter is for too! 


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ELF Baked Highlighters Duped?


There are several high-end highlighters out there in the market that will cost you an arm and a leg… However, ELF decided to help us out and produce a dupe that beats them all! 


ELF Baked Highlighter 

Shade range:

  • Shade apricot: a rose gold highlighter with pink and bronze undertones.
  • Shade blush gems: a subtle gold highlighter with gold iridescence in it.
  • Shade pink diamonds: a baby pink highlighter with silver undertones and gold shimmer.
  • Shade moonlight pearls: a pure silver and gold undertoned highlighter with some gold iridescence to it.


Packaging (9/10): The plastic packaging is nice but the pan shape could’ve been better.


Quantity (10/10): The quantity is enough for a long-lasting highlighter.


Texture (7/10): The texture is too chalky and powdery



  • The shade range is amazing.
  • The undertones are really unique.
  • The packaging is super sleeky.
  • The pan is big enough for the price range.



  • The powder is a little bit chalky.
  • The color pigmentation is good but needs multiple swatches for the perfect pop.
  • The formula could’ve been better.


Price (9/10): Rs. 875/ 


Purchase (10/10): Elf baked highlighters here!


Final verdict….

The dry formula can be improved because a lot of effort is needed to apply this highlighter for that perfect glow… however, when applied wet the pigmentation is vastly intense. For a shade range of 4 different colors, the price range is excellent with such an amazing glow effect. It’s the perfect highlighter for a perfect budget and it is a convenient dupe for several high-end highlighters. The dome-shaped packing of the product makes it quite easy to apply the highlighter directly to your lighter points. We feel the highlighter is grotesque and totally worth the price! 


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