Product Review: Mana Beauty Spirit Peach Tree Face Scrub!


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Did you know that your skin sheds, and old skin cells pile up, if not removed, making your skin look dull and lifeless. This buildup of dead skin cells also results in enlarged pores, excess oil and even pimples. So that glow you see on other girls, that not possible if you let those dead cells pile. Add to the dead skin cells a buildup of makeup and products that clog the pores and make your skin look dull over time. Cleansers while they do the trick are not alone effective in removing all the grime off your face. What you need is a regular exfoliating routine that will help in removing the dead skin cells and makeup buildup leaving you skin looking fresh and healthy.

Finding the right scrub is hard. We recommend going for something organic and natural as you dont want to treat your face with more chemicals than necessary. We tried, and tested the all natural Mana peach tree scrub and for that we are Oh so ready to give you our final verdict. Read below to learn more.



Mana Peach Tree Face Scrub


Packaging (8/10): The thick plastic packaging is very travel friendly and handy. It is also leak proof, the perfect size, and good quality. Feels good to touch and hold. 


Quantity (8/10): The product comes in a 50 gram sized jar, and is for Rs. 1,500/-. For the price we feel the quantity could be a little more that what is given.


Texture (9/10): Feels grainy and light on the skin, more like a gentle exfoliator. The base is creamy and glides on smooth. 


Fragrance (7/10): The smell is mild and fruity with a little hint of mint in it. For those who tested it on our end it was either a hit or a miss. 



  • Almost instant results, which is surprising given its an organic brand.
  • Premium quality products and formulation
  • Perfectly Smooths out the skin and gives it a fresh, rejuvenated feel.
  • Not a commercial run of the mill product stuffed with chemicals. It is made from all natural ingredients including: peach seed oil, orange oil, coconut oil. Almond oil, rosemary and aloe Vera gel.
  • Actually clears all the pores and impurities.
  • Effective in removing all the dirt and makeup residue.
  • Deep clears all blemishes and exfoliates the skin.
  • It felt really good on the skin
  • It did not irritate the skin at all
  • Is suitable FOR ALL SKIN TYPES i.e oily, combination, sensitive, acne prone and normal skin. Making it a perfect all rounder.



  • The quantity of 50 grams is a little less in our opinion for the price of Rs. 1,500/-.
  • The fragrance is good but is one that is not loved by all.

Price (8/10): Rs. 1,500 /-


Our final verdict………



We really love the scrub all over for its fragrance and the texture. It really keeps the face fresh and hydrated and clears outs the pores and removes all the dirt from deep down the skin. The scrub is heavily infused with 100% organic ingredients and natural oils which does not damage the skin. From the packaging to the color everything is on point. The product is Beauty Hooked Approved and definitely worth the shot!

Purchase: Mana peach tree face scrub here


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