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We hope you’re ready for another product review… Your job is to demand product reviews and our job is to review ….and (maybe) approve them! 

Our most requested demand that came in this week was a face-off between two contour kits that seem to be some of the hottest selling in the market right now! And the best part, they are both from the same brand: Luscious Cosmetics. The Luscious Contour kit, which is the first release, and its baby sister the Luscious “Matte Drama” Contour Kit, which is the newer release. Read till the end to find out which one is Beauty Hooked Approved. 


The packaging color of both the kits is a nice copper shade which depicts the various shades of contouring.  The Product is packaged in a slim tin box which is durable and travel-friendly. It also comes with a free color description and face sculpting guide inside. 


Luscious Contour Kit 

The Original Luscious Contour Kit comes with four pans, two dark shades, and two light shades. They are all in powder format and the shades are mentioned below:

  • Illuminator – a white matte powder which is used to accentuate the focal points of the face, especially the center. Its pigmentation is highly buildable and has a subtle sheen. 
  • Highlighter – a warm gold highlighter powder with a luminous finish.
  • Medium contour – a light warm undertone contouring powder used for defining the nose and the forehead.
  • Dark contour – a deep warm undertone contouring powder for perfect shading under the cheekbones and jawline.
Luscious Matte Drama Contour Kit

The Luscious Matte Drama Contour Kit comes with 4 pans as well. It has 2 lighter shades for enhancing the facial features (one of which is cream in nature) and two contouring shades, both of which are in powder format. The shades are mentioned below: 

  • Matte Highlighter- It is a banana color luminizer (i.e. in between yellow and beige) which is perfect to accentuate underneath the eye area. 
  • Cream Luminizer-  It is a champagne color cream based luminizer which is perfect for our skin tones. 
  • Medium Drama- a light-cool, brown toned, powder for contouring.
  • Dark Drama-  a deep matte, brown shade with a strong reddish undertone also used for contouring.


The Luscious Contour Kits shades are the ones on top, and the Luscious “Matte Drama” Contour Kits shades are the ones on the bottom


Luscious Contour Kit – All the pans are in powder format and the formula of the highlighter and contouring shades easily glide’s onto the skin. However, the illuminator powder requires a lot of effort for it to blend properly. 

Luscious Drama Matte Contour Kit – Has 3 powder shades and 1 cream luminizer. It is an improved version of the luscious contour kit with the ability to blend the powders. However, the dark drama powder gives a slightly patchy look while initially swatching, but it blended nicely later. 


Luscious Contour Kit  The contour shades and highlighter shades are highly pigmented, but the illuminizer requires a better pigmentation. 

Luscious Drama Matte Contour Kit The contour shades in this kit are super-pigmented except for the medium drama powder which ends up giving a chiseled look. 



Luscious Contour Kit – The contour shades give a super matte, warm-toned finish, while the highlighter gives a warm gold sheen finish and the illuminizer gives a whitish color to the skin instead of giving an illuminizing glow. 

Luscious Drama Matte Contour Kit – The contour shades have a super matte finish,  as for the highlighter, it gives a perfect glowy finish with a hint of shimmer. 

Wearable Time / Longlastivity

Both kits have a wearability period of around 6 hours. But the highlighter of the Luscious Drama Matte Contour Kit is more long-lasting than that of the Luscious Contour Kit.

Price and Availability

Both are available for Rs. 2250/each from Al-Fatah, Daraz.PK and the Official Luscious Website


  • Perfect for Asian skin tone
  • Comes with a free guide (explaining the shades and application for different shapes)
  • The Pans have space in between each other, to minimize contamination or the possibility of mixing with each other
  • Can be used by beginners and professionals 
  • All in one Kit (contour, highlighter, illuminator)


  • No mirror or applicator comes with the product
  • There is a fall out of the powder shade

Are Luscious Contour Kits Beauty Hooked Approved?

Overall we like these products for their contouring power and pigmentations and a combined kit strategy to help obtain the perfect sculpted look without purchasing too many separate products. The results are also fantastic and the kit is literally all you need to get that chiseled look. We even asked some of our professional MUAs on board for a market opinion on the product and they mentioned that this is a regular in their makeup kit for the quality it offers at the price it is available in. 

In terms of which one we liked better between the two:

Our overall rating for the Luscious Contour Kit is: 3/5

Our overall rating for the Luscious Matte Drama Contour Kit is: 4/5

Final Verdict: If you are looking to choose one of the two, we would recommend the Luscious Matte Drama Contour Kit over the Luscious Contour Kit.

The ‘Luscious Matte Drama Contour Kit’ is Beauty Hooked Approved.

Comment below and let us know which OTHER products you want us to REVIEW so you can see if it gets a Beauty Hooked Approved Stamp on it or not! 



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