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Everyone is exhausted these days by working so hard in every aspect of life. We all want some relaxation and pampering but with the busy schedules who has time to take a break and visit a spa for some R&R. So we thought why not review a product that would allow you to bring the spa right to your home. We tried, tested and reviewed the Salina Cosmetics massage oils and we are so ready to bring you our final verdict. For those who don’t know, Salina Cosmetics is an all organic, made with love type of brand. To find out what is so special about its products, read on.


There are several massage oils that we can get easily in market, but how many are there that actually work to help you ease your muscles and take the stress away? We thought this brand’s products did just as it claimed. The massage oils by Salina Cosmetics are for all skin types and are made from 100% natural herbs and ingredients, with no evident side effects.


Which massage oils do they have?



Packaging: (7/10): the plastic bottles are okay but the pump could’ve been better.


Consistency: (8/10): feels light on the skin and absorbs slowly.



–              The fragrance is minty and refreshing

–              The oil is not extra greasy

–              The packaging is smart and classy

–              The directions, tips and tricks are well mentioned on the bottle.



–              The fragrance is refreshing but a little too strong.

–              The pump could’ve been better with a more travel friendly packaging.

–              A little pricey but worth it!


Price (8/10): Rs. 1,200 each is expensive but worth it.

Purchase (10/10): Salina cosmetics massage oils here


Final verdict….

The massage oils by Salina Cosmetics are very good in general but the fragrance is very strong. We love how they work with the aromatherapy element, the overall texture, absorption, consistency, and formulation lending it’s way beautifully to a perfect massage. The unique blend of essential oils helps to keep one relaxed and releases stress and anxiety to keep the mind calm. Given that the massage oils are for all skin types, are made from all natural herbs and oils to nourish the skin as well as heal and revitalize your senses, with no evident side effects, our final verdict…
Its Beauty Hooked Approved! 

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