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Quick SLAY Look!


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For a flawless, slaying makeup look, you don’t necessarily require a full face of makeup, and several hours achieving it… You can successfully achieve an awesome makeup look, with half the products and a minimal amount of time! And, most of the time when you’re running late and you don’t have a choice but to speed things up… 

At Beauty Hooked, we abide by that, and we’re going to explain exactly how you can achieve a slaying makeup look… with some quick tips & trick which shouldn’t take more than a minute of your time! 



#1 Base

Okay so you when you’re in a rush, you won’t have time to apply Moisturiser, then apply Primer, and then apply your foundation… to make life easier for yourself, invest in a good BB cream, a BB cream is multipurpose and covers all those purposes in a single product.


#2 Eyebrows  

If you’re someone whose face automatically looks crisp and polished after doing your eyebrows, then you should prioritize your eyebrows… simply apply a brow pencil on those empty spaces and top it off with some tinted brow gel. 


#3 Hide those imperfections

DO conceal your undereye bags and take time to conceal any other imperfections… as it will hide anything you wouldn’t want other people to see and instantly brighten up your face! 


#4 Pop of color 

Do you think you will have time to apply eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick…? Nope. We don’t think so either, and for times as such, a multipurpose stick from Nars will be very helpful! You could even use a lip and cheeks stain… 


#5 Red Lipstick

If all else fails, there’s nothing that beats a red lip… (just make sure it’s a red that suits you best) 

If you’re not sure which shade of red lipstick will suit you best, then click here for our ultimate guide to red lipsticks! 


#6 Blush it up!

A pop of color to the cheeks can instantly take you from zombie-resembling to human… (Make sure you use minimal amount of product and blend it properly, otherwise you could end up looking more clown-like than human) 


#7 Define Your Lashes!

A quick swig of mascara can take your entire makeup look a long way… If you use a good mascara, you won’t even need to consider fake eyelashes, you’ll get the same effect of having fake lashes! 





Here you can view Huda Beauty’s quick and awesome ‘5 Minute Makeup Look’ makeup tutorial! (How gorgeous is she without makeup!?) Make sure you follow her on her YouTube channel, which you can access through here. Because Huda Beauty is awesome… 



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