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Save Big Bucks in Beauty for Eid This Year!


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Hello ladies! ‘Eid is around the corner and here is how you can save some cash on splurging it on makeup products. Let us show you how you can save loads of money along with your time. Read below to see what the article is about.


As soon as we get the news that ‘Eid is near, we spare no minute of our lives and run to get the best makeup available in order to look pretty. But we are making the biggest mistake of our lives, do you know how? Let us tell you can prevent yourself from all of this.


Sample what you have to buy


Always swatch and test and try all the products you need to buy before actually just blindly giving in all the cash. Use a sample to try out the shade and texture and see if it will actually suit your skin type. Swatches can be easily done with the sample products on your hand or on your chin according to what the product is and what skin type it will suit.


Learn to spend on dupes rather than the expensive products

Dupes are always a better option to buy rather than the original expensive products itself. They are much better is every way, from price, to texture and to the packaging. If you find the right dupe for the right product, you are good to go.


Research on the product you have to buy

Internet is a big help these days to help us find what we are actually looking for. Look for what you have to buy on the internet and see if it’s right for your skin type and if the color will suit you or no. research on the products makes your shopping experience easy and quick.


Get more knowledge on sales

Save your time and shopping days for when the sales come up. The whole shopping experience becomes the best part with so much fun and obviously we all love it when we get crazy discounts. It saves us loads of cash.


Get products you can multitask with

There are so many products you can multitask with and can use in so many different places. Save cash and use products that you can use in multiple ways.



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