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The Science Of Color Correction And How To Be Great At It


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Color correction is a vital step in skin preparation, before makeup application. Everyone wants to have a flawless canvas like in a painting, which is free from any sort of imperfections in the form of acne, redness or discoloration. So, that’s when color correctors come in the picture!

Color correctors are basically used to conceal dark spots, dark circles and skin pigmentation. And, color correcting is a skill to choose the right color correcting concealer depending on the problem area. In case of more discoloration, a heavier and intense hue is used. Whereas, for a mild discoloration a sheer formula works great. So, an understanding of the color wheel is necessary!




Green Color Concealers

Green corrects redness which is in the form of acne marks, rashes and other skin sensitivities. It is recommended that little amounts of green corrector should be applied to avoid from having a cakey look.


Yellow Color Concealers

These are ideal for pink and mild hues, which are perfect for hiding purple or blue bruises, veins and under eye circles.


Purple, Lavender, or Lilac Concealers

These are best for people who want to get rid of yellow undertones. So, if you have a yellow complexion this purple corrector will vanish it into a glowy look.


Pink Concealers

This peachy salmon shade is used to cause a vibrant effect around the eye area. This concealer has the mixed properties of the red, orange, yellow and mostly people with olive complexion use it to add brightness, where required.


Orange Concealers

These are mostly used by dark skin-toned people to cover dark spots or high discoloration areas. Moreover, people with light skin complexion can also use it on exceptional basis for contouring as a liquid bronzer.


White Concealers

This specific color brightens and lights up the beautiful features on ones face. So, it is applied on the cheek bones, under the eyes. In addition, it is used on the inner and outer corners of the eyes to make them more prominent, under the brow bone for a subtle brow highlight, and down the bridge of the nose.



So ladies, learn the art of color correction which would dramatically change your makeup application into a flawless routine! And, comment below to let us know which one you use the most. We’d love to hear from you!

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