Six Different Ways To Wear Eyeliner!


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Ever heard “when in doubt wing it out?” We love that! Because its a rule we live by. For us, eyeliner is essentially one of the most important steps of your makeup routine, it can instantly change the outlook of your eye. And because we really believe that, we just had to share this video by @tutorialshowroom on Youtube on the 6 different ways to apply liner. They make it SO simple, easy and quick…

The 6 Basic Liner Styles: 

Liner 1 –  A Simple Liner

Liner 2 – A Simple Flick Liner

Liner 3 – A Thick flick 

Liner 4 – A Flick with undereye liner

Liner 5 – A Double Flick 

Liner 6 – A Thick Double Flick 

Watch the video to learn how to ace these. 

Eyeliner Pro Tips:

  • Tip # 1: Start with the inner corner of your eye and extend the line in the outer direction
  • Tip # 2: Draw dots on your eyelids to act as guides that can help you while you’re drawing the line
  • Tip #3: Use a pencil liner to outline the shape of the eyeliner first and then use liquid eyeliner over it for a balanced finish
  • Tip # 4: Not sure which eyeliner style would suit you? Click Here for the Beauty Hooked’s Ultimate Guide to eyeliner for different eye shapes!

Comment below and let us know which eyeliner style is your favorite.

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