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Online shopping is one of the greatest inventions after makeup, mobile phones, and chocolate of course! With a click of a button, you are able to view endless product options and purchase whatever you desire… from the comfort of your own home. (Talk about hyping human laziness…) 

However, Pakistan is still fairly new to the concept of online shopping though, there is no Amazon presence as of yet… and there is no apple pay… but Zindabad to cash on delivery! Why pay for your items with virtual money, when you can simply pay via cash. 

At Beauty Hooked, we’ve compiled some of the struggles us Pakistani’s push through while online shopping. 



1. Living in Pakistan 

The biggest struggle we go through while online shopping for beauty is that most cosmetic companies don’t ship to Pakistan… yes, sadly it’s too far for them.

Click here to discover the ones who DO ship to Pakistan! (WE LOVE YOU!) 


2. Authenticity… 

Which of these online pages are reliable, and send the real deal? And, which ones are fake as heck…!? Luckily Beauty Hooked has scouted out the fake ones for your girls so you never shop at the unreliable ones ever again… click here!


3. Advance Payments

Having to make payments through easypaisa first, and then being able to order…


4. Shipping cost 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch… yes, sadly everything comes with a price, including the delivery charges you have to pay upon your order. 


5. Hidden Charges

Several of these websites have additional duties and taxes if you’re getting them shipped from abroad… which could double the cost of your order, so you should beware always! 


6. Custom Charges 

There are some hidden customs charges too… 


7. Credit Card Charges 

If you choose to pay through credit card, there’s an additional fee you have to pay…


8. “Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.”

When the mascara you really want to purchase is… “Out of stock” oh, the horror! 


9. Delivery in 3-5 days.

Probably the biggest disadvantage of online shopping, having to wait for your parcel to arrive. Instore, shopping is probably smirking right now. 


10. Get 50% off your purchase!

First, sign up for our newsletter, give us all your information and be sure to like us on Facebook! AND THEN… you can get your 50% off… 


Didn’t you hear!? Your one stop shop to authentic beauty products has officially arrived… Beauty Hooked is launching it’s Beauty Shop soon so start saving up because you’ll want to purchase some of the amazing things we’ll be selling!

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