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How to Style Short Hair?


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Don’t you just love how short hair looks so chic and edgy? So do we but we know it can get a little frustrating that you can no longer do many hairstyles and all of a sudden you don’t like the idea of having short hair.  Don’t worry we present you some quick and easy hairstyles that girls with short hair can totally Rock!

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Side twists

This is one of the easiest go-to hair style! Create a center part and separate a small section of hair on both sides of the part. Start twisting the first section and take it along the back of your head. Keep this first twist in place with a pin, repeat on the other side. When finished, tie the twists together with a elastic band and secure them with bobby pin if needed.


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 French Knots

This is our most favorite look! It looks sophisticated yet trendy at the same time. Part your hair into two, take small sections of hair on both sides, start making french braids on both sides and secure them with bobby pin. Voila! You’re all set to go.

Image result for messy beach waves short hair


Mini space buns

If you love trying out fun looks, this one is definitely for you. Start by parting your hair into two parts. Take two small separate sections of your hair, brush one side up into a high side bun, mess it up by pulling up your hair and secure small bits with bobby pins. Repeat the same step on the other side and Voila you’re ready to rock you’re mini space buns.

 Image result for mini half space buns on short hair



Half top knot

This hairstyle only takes up a few minutes and looks great on anyone. Simply tie the very top half of your hair into a messy bun and leave a few strands down that can frame your face. Easy, chic and effortless!

Image result for sarah angius


There you guys go! Four easy, chic and effortless hairstyles that’ll look great on everyone. Try these out and see how short hair can be fun to play with!






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