“HOW TO” Summer Makeup Look!


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We know you love your makeup products squad…  your favorite full coverage foundation, your thickest eyeliner, creamy contour, etc. But unfortunately, during those hot summer days, the last thing you need is a heavy, loaded, cakey face filled with makeup… it will melt off instantly, and make you look bleak rather than on fleek!

Our Pro-on-board Maroosha Akif collaborated with us, and we decided to put an end to this situation, once and for all… We have compiled the ultimate go-t0, how-to, guide to attempting the perfect makeup look for summer! After all, pretty much all of us live in Pakistan… 



During the summer, you can totally fleek your way, instead of looking like a hot mess… 

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Here are Beauty Hooked approved products that are also on our Pro-on-board Maroosha Akif’s Lust List! 

– Huda Beauty Liquid Lipstick
– ARTDECO cosmetics
– Revolution Makeup
– Pinky Goat Lashes
– MAC Cosmetics
– Tarte cosmetics
– Essence cosmetics
– NYX Professional Makeup



Here you can view the full tutorial on how to achieve the perfect Summer makeup look by our Pro-on-board Maroosha Akif!

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